Disney Villians Box – Wily Fox Vintage

Wily Fox Vintage has to be the best UK supplier for all things you’ll remember from your childhood if you grew up in the late 80s/early 90s.
I’ve been following her instagram account for a while now and promising myself a treat …or maybe one for the kids but it wasn’t until I saw this Disney Villians Box that I knew I had to have it . Especially as it was the last one in stock !!!!

 At £25 it is on the upper end scale price wise of mystery boxes but worth every penny for the contents and quality are unbeatable in terms of value.

It certainly didn’t disapoint with some fab Primark items from its Team Bad range – including this travel cup , a rather gorgeous Evil Queen mug shot make up case and a Maleficent plaque.

This was great for me because although the town is live in does have a Primark, we rarely get the cool disney accessories and I either have to traispe to Canterbury for even a sniff or pay ridiculous prices on eBay .

Other items included a vintage Hades pin from Hercules  who I happen to think has to be one of the funniest disney villians – I loved how his flame hair would go red when in temper! 

To go with the Evil Queen theme was a fantastic card of her disguised as the Old Hag offering an apple with the caption “cake is safer” – whoever thought that up is a genuis in my eyes 😂

Last but not least was  Ursulas seashell necklace from The Little Mermaid as well as a mini Ursula TsumTsum.

The beauty of these boxes are although you have a vague idea of what you will receive judging by the picture – the contents may vary – therefore the TsumTsum , the pin, the make up case may all be different.

These aren’t the only boxes she does either : Beauty and the Beast , Star Wars, Harry Potter and more are just a few of the selection she has and she often does flash sales on her items which means you can pick up a bargain too ! 

The thing I love most is she’s a UK seller and she doesn’t overcharge on her items, she’s a small business but you can tell she puts a lot of love and effort into it … I was so impressed with my box I ll happily admit I often (read daily) check out her instagram and website to check what’s new and have already made a second purchase knowing full well I will again in the future .


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