The Blood Moon

Throughout cultural history The Moon has always played an important part in determining the course of events.

The name Blood Moon, also known as the Hunters Moon, is the Native American “Indian” full moon name for October 

According to Celtic Lore, the October Moon known as the Blood Moon was particularly potent.

  It is strongly tied to taking protective measures to guard what has already been accomplished.

From what we know of Roanoke , the land originally would have belonged to the Native Americans – when Scathach, whose name is of Celtic origin, arrived on the land worshipping the old gods she created something old world and new world … fused together to make something much more powerful.

  • The Blood Moon Ritual takes place on the 29th October in which sacrifices are made in order to guard the colonies claims to the land.


Return to Roanoke :     Who dies ? Who survives? Week One

So by the end of episode six we were one down –  Rory (literally) got the chop courtesy of those sadistic nurses who finally managed to complete their game of ” MURDER ” scrabble.

I ll admit it – i didn’t see it coming , i didn’t even click when Rory entered the house, nor when he was being killed, not even when the R showed up on the wall …

It didn’t process until Matt announced 

“R is for Rory” 

I can be slow … ;) 

But , this has got my mind working on overdrive ! 

Was poor Rory even meant to be in the show initially ? 

By the looks of it , it would be originally the real house residents and the actors who played them … six people.

Six people. Sixth episode. Sixth season. 666

so, what if Rory was just a death that could of been avoided ? Only there due to his marriage to Audrey …. hmmm

Interestingly, Rory was the first to go … like the character he portrayed in the re enactment – Edward Philippe Mott …

In fact,  from what we have seen so far some of the actors have gained aspects of their real life counter parts character flaws … Monet herself is an alcoholic like Lee since the show aired.

 We are yet to learn what Audrey and Dominic have inherited from their respective roles .

But now the field is wide open …… One down six to go 

we know Shelby, Matt and Lee all survived the first time round …. 

We also have been told all three are not to be trusted …..

So who’s next ? Another actor ? One of the real life people who initially survived ? 

There s some brilliant fan theories out there : 

First of all I was convinced Matt would be the survivor, due to Scathach s obsession with him … but something about him
 seems to be seriously off … its like he’s zoned out of everything.
So I’m kinda going off that theory .

All I know is I seriously cannot wait until next week to see who gets it x


Return to Roanoake : Three Days in Hell Chapter Six 

Unscrupulous Sidney Aaron James, the producer of “My Roanoke Nightmare” ambushes Frank, the network president, with a surprise on-camera pitch. He details the documentation of the reality that the audiences are craving, including marketing and social media.

 He wants to reunite the Millers and the actors who played them for “Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell“, a hidden camera reality show.

 He gushes over filming during the “blood moon” and catching the real reactions to the fake ghosts he intends to insert. 

Frank responds with audience polling that they were disappointed with Mason’s unsolved murder and that Lee (Mason’s presumed killer) was not brought to justice.

 Sidney mentions that he purchased the Roanoke House from Matt and Shelby for filming the re-enactments.  For 50 cents 

Sidney emerges from the meeting having gotten a greenlight for 13 episodes. Sidney’s assistant Diana Cross tempers this news with the revelation that Shelby refuses to participate.

In Ojai, ten weeks before the “blood moon”, Sidney interviews Shelby, who has had a sudden change of heart.

We discover she has been receiving death threats, and that she and Matt are separated after she had a weekend fling with Dominic Banks, who played the part of Matt. 

She plans to reconcile with Matt while they’re trapped together in Roanoke, but insists that (the already contracted) Dominic not be involved. Unbeknownst to her, Sidney intends to keep Dominic on to increase the drama.

Two weeks prior to the blood moon, additional cameras are being installed into the Roanoke House, along with practical “haunting” effects. 

Diana is skeptical. She has concerns about the jump scare gimmicks, which Sidney dismisses as tools to find justice for Mason. He wants the participants to feel completely isolated. 

Alissa, a crew member, brings a hidden circle of fetal pigs to Sidney and Diana’s attention, but no one knows how they got there. The Polks are mentioned to have not been seen for weeks. 

Agnes Mary Winstead, the actress who played “The Butcher“, testifies about her experience and casting in the part. Sidney asks her about the incident that landed her with a mental health commital and assult charge: chasing down Hollywood Boulevard slashing at bystanders with a cleaver. She tries to play off the day, insisting she is well now ,but he insists that she’s become obsessed with the role.

Kristin Dos Santos interviews Lee, who has recently signed onto “Return to Roanoke” so that she can set the record straight. In a meeting with their legal representative, Sidney and Diana are told that the production is not liable if the real Lee does anything (like killing, as they suspect she did to Mason). The attorney is more concerned about Monet Tumusiime, the actress who played Lee. Monet is now an alcoholic, and the production is legally culpable if the knowingly allow her to drink. She believes playing the role of Lee and the pressure of the viewers believing she killed Mason led to her addiction.

On set, Alissa shows Sidney and Diana a video of an accident; Greg was cutting wood for the deck / hot tub and his chainsaw was thrust into his neck, killing him. Sidney chooses not to suspend production for the day, as the cast is arriving soon. Diana is furious, and drives off. While driving, Diana films an affidavit about what is happening on the show and why she’s leaving. Ahead of her, she sees what appears to be a Roanoke colonist, which she turns the camera to capture.

She continues driving, and the Piggy Man emerges from behind her seat to kill her. Her footage was recovered three months later by police, but her body was never found.

Audrey Tindall who played the role of Shelby  films a confessional, including a blooper and behind-the-scenes footage from production. 

She has recently married Rory Monahan, who barges into her confessional to break the news. He was the actor who played Edward Philippe Mott.

They arrive on set for “Return to Roanoke” and claim the largest room. He gets a phone call, recalling him to Los Angeles for a screen test. Before he leaves, he is filming on his cell phone and catches a glimpse of Agnes, who smashes a window.

Audrey vents her frustration to the newly arrived cast and Sidney, as Agnes has been violently stalking her (and stole her Saturn Award, for which Agnes was also nominated). 

Audrey wants to leave, but Shelby convinces her to stay. Tension rises as Matt and Lee arrive.

They are all distributed camera-only phones, which promptly capture a blow-up between the Millers and Lee.

Monet, Audrey, and Rory later question the Miller’s story, as during 8 weeks of summer they saw nothing suspicious and believe that the entire “My Roanoke Nightmare” was pure fabrication by Shelby, Matt and Lee. Matt tells them that things will be different, as the blood moon is now apparent.

The participants part ways as the night winds on. Shelby tries to reconcile with a wary Matt. Dominic arrives and Matt immediately attacks him until the others break it up. Audrey emerges from a shower to find Piggy Man behind her. A furious Rory tries to locate what he thinks is a Sidney-arranged actor, but is hacked to death by the Jane sisters (who have now completed their MURDER tableau).

“R is for Rory” ….. Matt explains


James Patrick March

I’m dead dear, not stupid.Mr. March

James Patrick March was a serial killer who built the Hotel Cortez in 1925 and owned the hotel until his suicide in the 1930s. He designed it to hide and hunt his victims. 

Well, I had it all once. Fortune, fame. But nothing satisfied.

Mr. March

James Patrick March was born on October 30th, 1895. 

 A man of “new money”, which he accumulated at a young age – he is sadistic yet charming.An attractive young man in his early thirties, with an average body size, he is very careful of his outward appearance. He always wears pinstripe suits in 30s style. His black hair is combed back, he has a mustache like that of Vincent Price, and striking dark brown eyes.

He speaks with a strong  Brahmin accent which he admits that he started by mimicking one of his marvelous teacher at Exeter, and he ended up getting used to speaking that way.

His personality was strongly influenced by his father, a fervently religious man, who sparked in him a profound aversion to the Christian values. 

He described his father as being a true believer, and the “meanest son of a bitch he’d ever seen”.

Due to his upbringing March despises religion, explaining to one of his victims that it was the worst thing in the world right before he killed him, and that he was going to have to kill God, because as long as there was a God, men like himself would never find peace. He also went as far as to collect all the bibles from his hotel bed stands, and arranged them with a pile of his victims that he had left for the police.

He murders, in part, so as to wage a personal battle against God.

Bolivian marching powder. Too tame for my taste.

Mr. March

March confessed he had tried many drugs in his time. However, this couldn’t satisfy him; it lead to his serial murder addiction and he started to kill in the 1920s.

That sounds obscene.Mr. March

Mr. March has a distinctly sadistic personality yet he is very charming, and he seems to get pleasure in releasing a deadly rage onto his victims as well as having sexual intercourse during the killings, which occur in ways quite theatrical.  

 In 1925 he built the hotel Cortez which opened in August 1926 and created special, hidden hallways and rooms to make killing more fun and so he could keep his victims’ bodies for further acts of depravity as well as concealing their bodies from the police. 

Pull the trigger and take her last breath. It’s exhilarating.Mr. March

He killed his victims by decapitating them by playing bloody cricket, and walling them up alive, among other gruesome methods. He would then have sex with their dead bodies. He would throw them into a big hall in the basement that was accessible by multiple chutes.

Deeply obsessed with  his wife Elizabeth, yet despite her loving to hear his victims screaming for help and encouraging his dark desires, she couldn’t love him as he wanted.

To release his frustration his murdering spree continued and began the “Ten Commandment Murders”

On February 25th in the early 1930s March killed his maid after she told him that it would be an honor for her to be his last victim and then himself before he could be apprehended by the police for his crimes, and his spirit still rremains trapped alongside his victims in the Hotel Cortez

Might I suggest that when you murder him, you would do so off the property? It’d be damned awkward to keep running into him for all eternity.Mr. March

He became one of the most famous serial killers of all time.

Best Quote

  • I’m not familiar with your military friend and his fondness for poultry, but my killing days are over


Edward Phillip Mott

All that I was is no more. Everything precious turned to dust. I have but one last sliver of grace. My solitude, such as it is.

Edward Mott

Edward Philippe Mott was originally married and had an heir, but he left them and moved to North Carolina. There, he became the original owner of the house in Roanoke, having constructed it with the help of some Shakers. He had the estate built so he could store various pieces of art he had bought in auction. Edward loved his art more than anything, even Guinness, his slave and lover.

Mott had only lived there for a couple of days before he awoke to find all his art destroyed by The Butcher. He blamed his slaves on the incident and locked them in the root cellar. While he was sleeping that night, he was terrorized and captured by the Lost Colony. They took him outside and the colony impaled him through the chest, then threw his body in the fire burning him alive. His lover Guinness fled, and told the police about the sacrifice, but since they couldn’t find any evidence of the murder, they in turn arrested Guinness for murdering Edward and hiding the body.

Personality and Appearance

Edward Philippe Mott is a wealthy heir suffering from what today is known as severe social anxiety. 

Arrogant and devoid of mannerisms, Mott shares, not only the virtues but, above all, the faults of the aristocratic class. 

Homosexual, he is not afraid to kiss his lover before the servants.

His appearance is quirky and opulent, wearing a garish white wig and powdering his face in accordance with aristocratic fashion of the time.

His Role 

  • The living cling to life above all, but the trophy misprized is to die in peace.Edward Mott

  • With the desire to be left alone, Edward helps MattShelby and Flora escape from The Butcher and her acolytes, leading them through secret underground tunnels that lead into the heart of the woods from the basement of the house. Since he can not leave the boundaries of the territory, Edward disappears into thin air leaving the Millers to themselves in the woods at night. He later frees the Millers from their bounds, encouraging them to make their grand escape.

American horror story : My Roanoake Nightmare Chapter Five

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin talks about the suffering of the house at Sappony, aka the Roanoke House. 

We see for ourselves the historic story of Edward Philippe Mott, a Philadelphia eccentric, of British decent who purchased the house and grounds as a retreat, leaving behind his wife and heir so he could live secluded with his manservant lover, Guinness.

He filled it with artwork, and insisted the Shakers building the house craft underground tunnels through the woods as well, incase of theives .
 Tragic accidents befell the builders throughout but building continued.

Obsessed with the art itself, he was quickly intimidated when The Butcher slashed all the paintings. A household servant claims she saw invaders from the woods, but Edward did not believe them. 

He locked the household staff naked in the root cellar until they confessed to their crime. He dismisses his lover, a slave, in fury. 

He awakes to the villagers setting up outside, and he is dragged to his impalement and immolation outside. 

Guinness was able to escape, and was jailed, but did not tell about the trapped servants. 

They were found years later as the house passes through centuries of Mott descendants until Dandy Mott, the last of them, dies in 1952.

In 2014, Matt calls for the police to address the mob outside. Ambrose calls one last time for the family to surrender. Shelby plans a hasty escape with Flora, but a skittering creature steals the child first. They are able to recover her, but the past victims corral them. 

Edward materializes and leads them to safety through the tunnels.

 They emerge outside, and are captured and blindfolded by the Polk family.

Elias is there, kept alive but dismembered. He is concious enough to warn Matt that the “Mama” of the Polks took his leg. 

Mama Polk offers jerky to the Millers, but when she tastes it for herself finds the meat rancid. She blames the spoiled flesh on Elias’ rot, and they bash his head in. 

Mama Polk explains that they’ve had a deal with The Butcher for 200 years. They have a symbiotic relationship, and the Polks are left in peace with their cannabis crop in exchange for sacrifices and bloody consecrations. 

The Polks, still upset about the police taking custody of the feral boys, plan to hand the Millers back to The Butcher. 

Matt takes an opportunity for them to escape from the Polk’s truck, killing one of the brothers in the process. Mama Polk hobbles Shelby, all but severing her foot, in retaliation. 

Lee testifies about her interrogation, as Shelby implicated her in Mason’s death. They eventually released her for lack of evidence, and she gets a ride back.

The surviving Polks deliver the Millers to the mob at the house, where The Butcher offers condolences to Mama Polk. The colonists are to kill Flora and Ambrose attacks his mother instead, pulling them both into a pyre.

Lee’s timely arrival and Edward’s hasty intervention allow the family to escape in a car.

They clean up and rest in a cheap motel after Shelby gets medical attention, and Shelby closes her testimonial with a mention that her nightmares continue.

Roanoake House

Roanoke House
A late 18th Century Shaker style property located in North Carolina is the main location for My Roanoake Nightmare.

After its original owners , Edward Phillip Mott’s  mysterious disappearance from the house, the property soon became a place of mysterious and gruesome events.


The old farm house located in North Carolina was completed in 1792 by Edward Philippe Mott who bought a 10 acre plot of land from the state, along the Roanoke River’s edge. It is located at 900 Sappony Rd. 

A police report and newspaper article collected by author Elias Cunningham shows the house to be located in Martin County, North Carolina, near Williamston. 

After Edward Mott’s disappearance, the house remained in the Mott Family Trust yet unoccupied for well over a century until the last Mott, Dandy, died in South Florida in 1952.

On October 3, 1952, three hunters stayed at the Roanoke House before something caused them to turn their rifles on each other.

On October 19, 1973, the Chen family moved from Taiwan to America. After gaining citizenship, the family moved into the Roanoke House. One night, during a Blood Moon, the entire family was slaughtered by the spirits of the land. A sheriff’s deputy conducted a wellness check and found no bodies and believed the family abandoned the property as their vehicle and all their belongings still remained.

On October 29, 1988, Miranda and Bridget Jane bought the house, where they opened an assisted living facility. The house they purchased had previously been unoccupied for 15 years. The family before had lived in the house only for a brief time before they suddenly vacated. During the year when the sister inhabited the house, they led bloody murder at the expense of patients left behind by careless relatives. On October 29, 1989, police were called to investigate the facility. Miranda and Bridget were gone, leaving behind a trail of dead bodies and a mysterious red writing on the wall – “Murde” – which continues to appear despite the successive tenants and sellers having tried to remove it.

For six months, from August 1997 to January 1998, Dr Elias Cunningham lived in the Roanoke House but had owned it up until the Millers bought the house at auction.

After Elias missed a property tax payment, the property was to be sold at auction. The bid started at $21,000, but was purchased for $40,000 by Shelby and Matt Miller. 


The farm house has three bedrooms, two stories and a basement. It also includes ten acres of forest around the house, but as protected area, it is non-building land.

Outside & Garden

The exterior of the farm consists of ten acres of woodland. Surrounding the house, there is a dry garden with several pieces of scrap iron, an evident result of years of neglect. There is a detached deck with a hot tub in the backyard.


The entrance is a large hall with a round staircase in front of the main door. The main entrance is preceded by a portico. Following a home invasion, the entrance was covered with vines and anthropomorphic totems made of sticks hanging from the railing of the stairs and the ceiling.[4]


The Parlor/Dining Room

A large room with windows overlooking the front garden and a long table. The previously moldy walls were repainted by Shelby in the weeks following the move-in.

The Basement

The basement is a large room with several shelves, 

The Upstairs

Master Bedroom

Wide and empty and dark, the master bedroom has a king size four-poster bed and a large window on one of the walls.



A rustic kitchen with a large working table and an old-fashioned stovetop.

Living Room/Library

A sitting area composed of vintage furniture and a library chock full of old books crammed on the shelves.


  • Shelby Miller 2014
  • Matt Miller 2014 
  • Lee Miller 2014
  • Elias Cunningham (formerly) 1997 – 2014
  • Miranda Jane (formerly) 1988 – 1989
  • Bridget Jane (formerly) 1988 – 1989
  • Chen Family (formerly) 1973
  • Unoccupied – held in the Mott Family Trust 
  • Edward Philippe Mott (formerly) 1792

Make your own PokeBalls

A simple and cheap way to make PokeBalls which are great for kids parties , poke hunts and even Cosplay !!!

You will need :

some balls 

• tippex


Grab the balls you want to use ( we used the ones that come out of prize machines) and simply tippex half of it white. 

On the coloured half tippex a small circle and two brush strokes over and under 

Leave to dry and there you have it – your very own PokeBall