Disney Villians Box – Wily Fox Vintage

Wily Fox Vintage has to be the best UK supplier for all things you’ll remember from your childhood if you grew up in the late 80s/early 90s.
I’ve been following her instagram account for a while now and promising myself a treat …or maybe one for the kids but it wasn’t until I saw this Disney Villians Box that I knew I had to have it . Especially as it was the last one in stock !!!!

 At Β£25 it is on the upper end scale price wise of mystery boxes but worth every penny for the contents and quality are unbeatable in terms of value.

It certainly didn’t disapoint with some fab Primark items from its Team Bad range – including this travel cup , a rather gorgeous Evil Queen mug shot make up case and a Maleficent plaque.

This was great for me because although the town is live in does have a Primark, we rarely get the cool disney accessories and I either have to traispe to Canterbury for even a sniff or pay ridiculous prices on eBay .

Other items included a vintage Hades pin from Hercules  who I happen to think has to be one of the funniest disney villians – I loved how his flame hair would go red when in temper! 

To go with the Evil Queen theme was a fantastic card of her disguised as the Old Hag offering an apple with the caption “cake is safer” – whoever thought that up is a genuis in my eyes πŸ˜‚

Last but not least was  Ursulas seashell necklace from The Little Mermaid as well as a mini Ursula TsumTsum.

The beauty of these boxes are although you have a vague idea of what you will receive judging by the picture – the contents may vary – therefore the TsumTsum , the pin, the make up case may all be different.

These aren’t the only boxes she does either : Beauty and the Beast , Star Wars, Harry Potter and more are just a few of the selection she has and she often does flash sales on her items which means you can pick up a bargain too ! 

The thing I love most is she’s a UK seller and she doesn’t overcharge on her items, she’s a small business but you can tell she puts a lot of love and effort into it … I was so impressed with my box I ll happily admit I often (read daily) check out her instagram and website to check what’s new and have already made a second purchase knowing full well I will again in the future .

Treat Box UK August Unboxing

Last month, after celebrating its first birthday Not Shabby Very Chic rebranded itself into Treat Box UK and the boxes just got better !!!

August’s box just has to be my favourite so far with this month’s theme being Dreams – filled to the brim with goodies to inspire and encourage the recipient to follow theirs.

I ve mentioned before how these boxes feel like someone is thinking of you personally as they are put together and it’s little touches like the sticker packaging that show just how much love and care is put inside ! 

I actually save every months stickers because I love them so much !!!

So what did this month’s contain ? 

Well, not only an assortment of cute little mini cards featuring unicorns, watercolour prints and phrases such as “who runs the world ? Girls” but a rainbow patch badge and rainbow coloured heart bath bombs !

Also included were two notebooks for inspired scribbles, a packet of rainbow puffs , a coaster , some fairy lights and a Follow your Dreams print !

Also they gave subscribers a fantastic opportunity to take photos of their boxes, share on instagram and 10 lucky winners will get an extra special treat in their September box !!!!!

Of course, this got me clicking away so fingers crossed but there’s so many nice unboxing photos it’s going to be difficult! 

I bought this box for me but as soon as the kids saw it Ryan pinched the rainbow drops and Anais just “had to have” one of the notebooks ! I also know I should really use some of those mini cards – my niece would love one but I don’t really want to part with them πŸ˜‰ 

So what do I do with my goodies each month ? 

well the fairy lights have been a welcome addition to my in progress book nook – a little sanctuary for me to relax in and keep all my books and creative things – in fact I’ve also put up some of the prints too on an inspiration wall … here’s a little peek of it so far 

Fairy lights

Follow your Dreams on my inspiration wall

Oh the Places You’ll Go print from July’s box

So we re halfway through August and I cannot wait for Septembers box to drop through the letter box already !!! Thing is my subscription comes to an end then too but I have a funny feeling I ll be renewing πŸ˜‰ After all come September it will nearly be Xmas !!! 

The Potion Diaries – Royal Tour

              Ingredients for a great read :

* A multi talented and sometimes fearless teenager named Sam Kemis

* Her boyfriend Zain who’s dad own the biggest synths company in Novartis

* A princess (who happens to be her BFF) in need of a cure

* A missing potions diary

* A Grandfather’s memory loss

* A memory that holds the key to the cure

* An Evil Escapee

* A World Wide Quest 

Mix ingredients together, sprinkle in a dose of social media , fan forums and Conspiracy theories to create :

         The Potion Diaries – A Royal Tour

Written by Amy Alward , Royal Tour, is the sequel to the worldwide bestselling The Potion Diaries.

Having won the Wilde Hunt and saved Princess Evelyn, 16 year old alchemist apprentice Sam finds herself in the midst of another magical adventure.

Now, alongside boyfriend Zain working covertly to concoct a potion that will help contain the Princesses ever increasing magical power and her inability to control it – they are about to embark on a Royal Tour, whilst secretly trying to find a long term solution to the Princesses predicament.

But when Sam’s grandfather is attacked and his memories removed, Sam becomes aware of a much pressing problem. One that is down to her to solve in order to save her grandfather, the Princess and Nova itself.

OK, I’ll admit it , I’m a 33 year old woman and this is geared for young adults but I have no shame in admitting I LOVED this book so much !!!

For a few wonderful hours I was transported into a magical world that cleverly fuses the modern into the magic with neither seeming out of place.

With glorious visual descriptions, twists and turns at every corner, not only was I gripped but I felt inspired. Not only was I able to recreate this world in my head , I wanted to creatively too by designing or making my own potions.

At one point , I even considered if it were possible to become an alchemist myself.

Part of the Zoella Book Club reading list which designed an exclusive cover for The Potion Diaries , I urge any young adult (and their mums) to read this as it’s part of what is already shaping up to be an amazing series .

You can buy The Potion Diaries now from WH SMITHS 

Harry Potter Book Box

After my first Wuthering Heights Book Box I decided to make one especially for me and what better than Harry Potter ? 
Firstly, I decided my box would be Hogwarts themed and that it would be based on hermione s much quoted Hogwarts – a history.

Although, there are many variations of the book cover on the Internet thanks to many creative types there was none I particularly felt “gelled” with my idea.

So I decided to design my own using various resources online –

The Hogwarts Crest was courtesy of

H P Lexicon which is an amazing fan site full of Harry Potter magic .

The fonts all came free from  Font Space.

I used  Magik for the title and Aqueline for the author.

The back cover photo by http://wandw.wikidot.com/location:hogwarts
Information from http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Hogwarts_School_of_Witchcraft_and_Wizardry

Established around the 9th or 10th century, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardary is considered to be one of the finest magical institutions in the wizarding world.

and lastly the book spine

All this was to be the binding of my Harry Potter Book Box – once I had designed these I was able to print them off and cover my “book”.

To do the same all you need is :

β€’ a book box

β€’ Scissors

β€’ glue

β€’ a cover design , back cover and spine design (you are more than welcome to use these )  – you can find an assortment of ideas and brilliant creations on my Harry Potter pinterest board.

Just simply print , stick and glue and you have the main book box covered !

 Now onto the inside …..

keep an eye out for my next post 

Lorraine xxxx

Harry Potter Planner Printables -Free

OK, so Potter fever has hit a new height in my world with the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child so to celebrate I’ve decided to give away some more planner freebies ! 

These would look great teastained to create a real vintage/wizard feel to them – it’s quick and easy to do and costs a lot less than printing on a vintage background.

First up is the weekly planner – with a Hogwarts timetable theme 

Weekly planner

Next we have my personal favourite for my least favourite thing – household chores so of course this is S.P.E.W and Dobby themed πŸ˜‰

Household chores planner

For the daily printables I’ve kept it simple using illustrations from the original books 

Harry, Hermione and Ron




Of course I ll be adding to this collection at some point in the future so Potter fans keep your eyes peeled !!


Right click and save as on desired image. Print out on A4 but half paper size selection to fit an A5 planner.

I really hope you like these printables as much as I enjoyed creating them – I’d love to see your use of them so let me know if you do and if you like this post please share ! 

Lorraine xxxx

Harry potter and The Cursed Child

Imagine a world where a Potter and Malfoy are Best Friends …. Imagine a world where a Malfoy has a crush on a Weasley …..Imagine a world where Harry never won the battle of Hogwartsimagine a world where Voldemort rules …..

All these possibilities and more are explored in the amazing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which to be honest I didn’t know what to expect.

I’ve never been a fan of playscripts having been forced to study them at school so was dubious as to whether I would enjoy this . I needn’t have worried. The plot, the characters, the stage directions and scenery details all pulled me into that magical world I hadn’t realised I had missed so much.

I had worries , of course, too – it’s eight years since the last book ..this isn’t a story of Harry, Ron and Hermione but Harry’s youngest son Albus – would I like him as much ? would his story be just as compelling? intriguing?


  J.K Rowling has done it again with help from  John Tiffany and Jack Thorne producing an epic tale full of surprises , twists , history and lore to add to the magical world of Harry Potter.

Now I definitely want to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child live in the West End and cannot wait for the playscript of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to be released – once again the world has become slightly more magical !

Simply Be….autiful beach cover ups

Summer Time ! and my body is nowhere near beach ready if it ever was – especially after two children and a lifelong affection for pizza. But I live in a seaside town, the beach is practically on the door step and as is the life in any seaside resort , days at the beach are a given throughout summer.

But what to wear ? certainly not a bikini and I wouldn’t feel comfy in just a swimsuit… so cover ups are a must.

Luckily my friend loves Simply Be and always looks stylish and fashionable and I heard they did a range of beach cover ups that were fashionable yet affordable.

I decided to give them a try despite my mother’s warnings of my teenage years to never buy catalogue clothes and I’m glad I ignored her advice !

My first choice was the Joanna Hope Maxi dress currently on sale and I ve worn this loads and not just at the beach ! I ve got some pretty great compliments too – always a confidence booster !

The next item was a cute little sun dress perfect not only for splashing in the sea but also for lazing around in the garden on a hot summers day ….

This Kaftan I bought was a God send after a day at the beach without enough protection I ended up badly burnt and this was the only thing I could wear without feeling any pain ! Next time I will be packing it in the beach bag for sure !

I was thrilled with the quality and the price of these items – so much better than certain high street stores I usually buy from !


Pop! Goes my Bank account ……..

Yet another subscription addiction to fall through my letterbox is Popinabox – I tried to fight this one I really really did but kept finding myself going back to the site , creating an account and my very own wishlist .

These Pop Funko figures are just so cute and there seems to be a figure for anything and everything. Plus the kids love them.

I started off by buying myself a one off Hypodermic Sally from AHS then a trip to town saw us spending a small fortune on Star Wars ones and then a dancing groot for Ryans birthday. I realised that I’d be better off subscribing with Popinabox.co.uk.

Pops are Β£8.49 plus p&p which means that’s what subscription costs start from ( my subscription covers two pops a month so the kids don’t fight !!! Just under Β£17 a month ) and the beauty of it is -is that they keep track of what you like , what you don’t and the pops you already have so you are GUARANTEED no duplicates and the delivery will ALWAYS be something you want – all whilst keeping the element of mystery as you never know what pop you ll get.

Our first package was these Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass Dorbz -The Mad Hatter and Alice ! Of course the kids instantly took ownership of those πŸ˜‘ Though graciously they let me use them for a rather lovely garden photo shoot for this blog – I’m hoping the next package I can pinch one for me 

– my personal wishlist includes

  Regina, Rumplestiltskin (Ouat), Mr March , The Countess, The Tatler Twins , Elsa Mars (AHS) The Red Queen (Alice), Dean ,Sam, Crawley,Castiel (Supernatural) Buffy, Chandler Bing …. the list is actually endless

Anais wishlist is literally any of the Star Wars , Batman , Disney 

Ryans wishlist is basically any Marvel  character and believe me there are hundreds to choose from and of course Adventure Time .

I challenge anyone to visit this site and not find a figure they don’t fall a little bit in love with and I havnt even mentioned the Harry Potter ones !!! Oh there will be arguments over those in this house i just know πŸ˜‰

monthly funko pop vinyls

If you are interested in subscribing if you follow my special link it ll mean I ll build up points to get a freebie so I’m going to be cheeky and ask if you do subscribe please do via my link πŸ˜‰ And as usual if you like this post share with your lovely friends – why not make your own wish list whilst your on the site and let me know your favourites  ? 

Schools Out for Summer !

Ah , here it comes … the summer bucket list…every year I make one as I find it helps my sanity in the six weeks to have some sort of plans even if the day to day routine is relaxed.
It’s going to be bittersweet for me as it seems to be the last summer of childhood for Anais – she’s left primary school now and I am well aware next year she will be off doing her own thing with her own friends so I want to treasure this one (yes even the arguments x)

So here are our must dos , whether we ll do all of them I don’t know but I ll write them down.

1. The Big Friendly Reading Challenge      2016

This we do every year but I’m more excited this year because it’s celebrating Roald Dahl who was my favourite author as a child and made me discover a love of reading. Not only does it encourage the kids to read six books over the summer but they receive exclusive Quentin Blake illustrated cards for every book read but there are various story times  and craft sessions throughout the summer nationwide. There’s also an app though at the time of writing I’ve found it to be a bit temperamental.

2. The Beach

We are so lucky living on the coast , the beach is practically on the door step and it’s quite beautiful – actual sand instead of pebbles (though we do have a pebble beach too) . Pack a picnic, some body boards for the kids to ‘surf’ , a good book and some change for an ice cream and we’ ll be sorted .

Cost Β£5

3. Forest and Farming Day

A little way out of our area but in the ruins of an abbey and across the road a stately manor house garden will be hosting it’s annual Forest and Farming day  packed with vehicle displays , sheep, model boats sailing on the water, bushcraft and various stalls.


4. Teddy Bears Picnic

Free food, facepainting and fun !!!

5. The Cinema

I love our old cinema , it’s a vintage art deco 1920s style one and this summers film is The BFG – definitely on the do list even if the trailer nearly had me in tears!

6. See a Show

Anais will be performing in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at our local theatre in August so of course we will be going along to support her ! 

7. Rock pooling

Another great thing living on the coast is the opportunity to go rock pooling in all the local rock pools .

8. Bug Hunting

Where we live is unique in that we have hills behind us yet coast in front. The hills and woods are great to explore , so looking for mini beasts is a must !

9. Visit a Castle

Our local area in surrounded in history plus we have an English Heritage card so a visit to Dover Castle if not Deal and Walmers Castle’s are a MUST.

10. Visit the zoo

Again we re so lucky to live near two amazing zoos – Howletts and Port Lympne both founded by the late John Aspinal . So many wonderful species of animal my favourite being the tigers and wolves not to mention the meerkat s !!!

Mystery Package Company : Volume 3.2

Having cancelled my subscription in a fit of dissapointment and despair , rather unexpectedly part 2 came through the letterbox in June…..
Although it took me at least a week to get the enthusiasm to even look at it I finally did and again found myself intrigued with the mystery and suspense – this time I seemed to be able to find more on first glance though I suppose that is because at least now I have some kind of experience …. 
This time entitled The Child of the Cavern  of course the package contained the usual broadsheet and an array of artifacts to serve as clues and also to I assume be used.

This included :

 β— A plastic wrapped cardboard rectangle printed with flags and entitled “Home Conspiracy Kit”. 

At the bottom is “WARNING” Contains small pointy objects.” Inside can clearly be seen red thread and inside an envelope are t shaped pins.

I literally have no idea

● An aluminum foil hat with instructions.
 This makes me think of paranoia and wrapping tin foil around your head to stop your thoughts being read.

● The fig hand pendant.

● A sticker that says Gormenghast.

● A sticker that says Nightmare Abbey.

● A sticker that says Lamuella.

● A large brown paper bag (empty). However this does have two eye peephole cutouts – an aid for ugly people ? 

●  A lice comb entitled The Nitpicker! 

Ugh lice – bane of my life with primary school kids ……

● A badge that says Patsy.

All I can think of is a scapegoat like Lee Harvey Oswald who claimed he was a Patsy for the shooting of JFK

● glass blue eye.

Like you see in those hippy shops jewellery section – the eye of horus I’m thinking ….

●The Motherland card game.

Never heard of it 

●A mattress tag which has a mysterious symbol on it. The ingredients also list – 3.3% SOYLENT GREEN, 1% cavorite (HG Wells – First Men in the Moon; an antigravity metal), and 9% Vril (an “all-permeating fluid” of limitless power as depicted in the book The Power of the Coming Race. He also penned the famous line “It was a dark and stormy night…”)

Very odd percentage there – 14.3 % 

The Broadsheet

On first glance through the broadsheet, it seems to have the theme of Conspiracy theories , political organisations and mental illness through it … 

This would tie both the Home Conspiracy Kit and the Aluminium foil hat found in the package neatly to this volume.

But what else ? And how does this all tie in with the last volume that confused the hell out of me ?