The True CRIME Museum 

Any person fascinated with crime and all its gory splendor will be in heaven here – I know I was !

Get nicked in Hastings!

 Though a small venue , it is an IMPRESSIVE collection , even more so when you consider its the private collection of just one man!

Dare you strap yourself in ?

The variety of exhibits and the displays themselves are so fascinating and well put together – you can tell this is a passion for all involved. Even the staff travel from out of town in order to work there they love it so much !
With some great interactive features such as taking your own mugshot and measuring yourself against famous criminals and even an electric chair prop -this easily rivals any London exhibition and feels a lot less gimmicky and certainly more authentic.

The Krays display

A good hour can be spent here , and there’s a lot to take in – my reasons specifically for wanting to visit was The Krays display which contained a bullet found in the gun that jammed at the crime scene of the murder of Jack the Hat Mcvitie .

signed by both Reggie and Ronnie

 It included signed boxing gloves by the twins, a memorial service programme from Ronnie s funeral and even a bitter pump from the Double R club. It was not only fascinating but lovely to see these items in the hands of an enthusiast who not only cared for them but wished to share these with fellow fans.

Found at the crime scene

However, I was surprised at the items that really made an impact with me – Amelia Dyers , the infamous baby farmer s display with her own blouse I found really chilling .

Despicable woman, you can feel the evil

The six containers used in one of the Acid Bath Murders were an impressive addition , the death mask of the “beautiful woman found in the Seine” serenely beautiful and the most disturbing had to be John Child’s bathtub that he used to chop up his victims !

The mysterious beauty of the Seine

 Even more fascinating is the story of how that came to be in the collection so be sure to ask on your visit !!!!So if you have a fascination with crime or are simply in the area , The True CRIME Museum is a must visit . It simply is amazing , with friendly staff and a vast array of items. Plus it includes a well stocked book shop and some fantastic souvenir items to take away.

Yep, even i got nicked !!!!

Having visited I just know this collection is going to grow and grow and the museum with it – they already do special events which just sound amazing and hire the venue out privately and they were renovating other areas for future exhibitions when I was there – the perfect excuse to return soon I think 😉


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