The BFG costume ideas


So, The Foo wants to go as the BFG from the book as the same name by Roald Dahl.

After much sniggering from Active Girl “but he’s short !” I ve put together some ideas on polyvore with the idea of making a costume – despite less than a week to do so

Scouring the  charity shops found me an old style vanity case that will be used as the BFG s suitcase and a pair of trousers.  We already have a shirt and hopefully the waistcoat we have fits.

Now onto the Crafty bits…. a hair band and paper plates to make BFG ears and again paper plates and paper to make his dream catcher thingy. ….


Disaster struck when we realised the waistcoat had gone awol but Lee saved the day by making one out of felt we had in the cupboard, he also remade the trumpet thingy for me.

We coloured in the ears using peach chalk and wrote the BFG in glitter glue on the case.



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