World Book Day 2016 Costume choices


So the daughters choice for world book day this year is The Hobbit –
We both keep forgetting her name which is not a great start 😯

So I played around on polyvore and came up with a concept to start as well as found lots of pins on pinterest regarding cosplay.

I ve ordered elven ears but I will be attempting to make this costume with some craft felt , glitter glue and pound land accessories pimped up .

With less than a week to do it and a running out of craft supplies, this is going to be a race against time ……..

Primark saved the day with an elven green top £3.50 and a pair of brown leggings at £3.00.


When the felt arrived , I made cuffs and we both decorated some elven signs on them with glitter glue.


After dying active girls hair streaky red with wash in wash out hair dye and running out halfway through…..we completed the look by attaching the cuffs to the primark top with double sided sticky tape.


Unfortunately she refused to wear the elven ears I’d specifically bought but teamed up with knee length boots and a bow I really think we rocked this year’s costume !!!!!



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