Why I chose to homeschool 

Imagine your child crying every morning at the thought of going to school, imagine the refusals to get out of bed , of anxiously pacing the halls in the middle of the night, begging not to go the next day.

Imagine watching your child deteriorate so much, he refused to leave his bed let alone the house even at weekends.

Imagine, watching as all his self confidence slowly drained away and at the age of 8 was showing the classic symptoms of depression.

What would you do as a parent ?

I tried everything,  forcing him in, having him prised off me each morning tearstained and unhappy – only to pick him up in the afternoon where he was lethargic, pasty and complaining of headaches.

We tried rewards and consequences to no avail …

And all the time the pressure regarding his attendance was on, I took the advice of professionals. ..nothing worked.

The mere mention of school would put him in such a meltdown he would become violent , hurting others , myself included  …. putting him in the risk of hurting himself.

So, I got to the point where as a parent I questioned at what point do I say enough is enough ? When do I recognise mainstream school is making him Ill when he’s deteriorating right in front of my eyes ? 

And recently I have, his mental health is far too important to me to risk him getting any worse. I need to be there to help him heal and do so in a safe secure and loving environment. 

He needs help and support that only I can give him and an approach at his pace in order to want to get out of bed again, play in the garden and leave the house.

So, I made the decision,  instead of focusing on threats of fines and imprisonment, I needed to use all my energy to help my son and if that means by taking him out of mainstream school and homeschooling then so be it 


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