Sheer Frustration

I’m writing this at the point of sheer Frustration and it may end up all ranty but I’m needing to rant.

Hopefully someone somewhere will get what I’m saying. I’m not a neuro typical person,  neither is my son but my daughter is. Therefore ,  parenting can be hard,  harder than normal.

What works with my daughter won’t work with him , you have to think outside the box, walk on eggshell,  try and  avoid the confrontation s , the meltdowns , the sheer and utter devastation psychically and emotionally on a daily basis.

Things have got so bad recently I have to accept professional help , I ve had to get the school involved because after 8 years of doing it alone , it just became all too much.

And this was hard for me… to expose myself and my child in such a vulnerable way… to ask for help when all I ever learnt is it ll be refused . To let people in my home when I don’t even let my parents through my own front door.

So I’ve done this, I’ve done it because I love my son , because I want to help him.

But all I seem to get from everyone is the lack of understanding that he isn’t neurotypical,  they allude to my parenting , they suggest things that yes would work if he didn’t have emotional , psychological and pyschical disabilities – they don’t understand that I’m agreeing with them in concept but I know it won’t work and to be honest the consequences of trying would be catastrophic. This is not me being difficult. I’m being honest.

I feel undermined,  I feel like I’m being called into question when actually I have proof in the shape of a 12 year old daughter this isn’t my parenting that is the problem. It isn’t like i havnt tried the same techniques with both.

I had to remind them today of this,  I got upset through the sheer frustration of talking but never being listened to.

All I’m asking is that I have some support to do it the way I know will work, because I know I can’t do it alone anymore, I broke before Xmas but I need to be strong for my boy but I need  to be believed in.


2 thoughts on “Sheer Frustration

  1. spottedsqueaker says:

    I feel your frustration and your pain. I have an autistic daughter and an ADD son. They are as different as night is to day but through some tough parenting (the first 10 years primarily as a single parent) they are now turning a corner in their lives for the good for the most part anyways. I too did not like getting or asking for help, thinking I was a weak or bad parent if I needed help but through the guidance and support of my husband(of the last six years) I relented. Our has a few issues being dealt with by a school psychologist that is helping alot and our daughter has now graduated high school a year earlier due to a structured home school plan and is more eager to get out in the world to learn new skills. But this was not always easy and I was considered a mean mom by some who had no clue what we were going through. SO stick it out, you can do it. You are not alone..!

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    • atticsecrets1979 says:

      Thank you so much for sharing and your support xx We re still struggling primarily with getting Ryan to school but other areas have improved for the time being , he has now started art therapy which hopefully is going to help. Xxx


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