Frances Letter to Reggie

The Letter that’s used from Frances to Reggie  to “prove” she hated him and wanted out in the Tragic Bride book and also used by Emily Browning when “researching” the role of Frances for the film Legend.
It’s pretty triggering  reading 

I am not in the least interested in seeing  you ever again in the whole of my life and I really mean that, 

I am only interested  in getting my annulment. 

Don’t ever try and contact  me not ever again because I have had enough of the life I’ve had to lead so far.

I am keeping myself occupied at the moment and I don’t want any interference from you ever again so get out of my life and leave me alone and let me forget the past .


Pretty strong words and tone, definitely not the simpering little wife we saw in the 1990 biopic portrayal of Frances in The Krays.
However, NOTICE  the date JUNE 1966 
Frances was sectioned in Hackney Hospital in JUNE 1966 and was there until the SEPTEMBER  –

At the time of writing this letter she was in an incredible  fragile mental state and in an episode of her personality disorder – you can tell this by the erratic writing style and heavy use of underlining almost every word. You can tell she is distressed, but this is a result of her illness not just Reggie.
This date and what was happening  to Frances has been completely overlooked in favour of “theories” which the media has wanted to prove with little regards to the sources origin or facts.

However, granted it is difficult to  understand  personality disorders especially how to understand  what she’s writing but at the same time appreciate  the fact her illness  is tearing her apart and it’s not truly her writing it. It is but only for that moment in time …. it is truly difficult to understand, unless you suffer yourself, that with her disorder,that she wrote that  but could have felt totally different after sending it – that’s how rapid the illness is -changing a person’s thoughts and feelings within five mins, ten mins, an hour …sometimes even within a split second.

This letter is a vital source when researching Frances as a person, it does provide  insights but not just one.

It tells us so much in that of her illness but sadly this has been overlooked … 


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