Preparing for the Bone Graft – Dental Appointment 

So two weeks after it was announced in Cleft Clinic surgery would be scheduled for 9 months time, the dental preparation work had to begin.

It’s hard because you know what’s going to happen but at the same time don’t, you don’t know how to prepare your child for this appointment – especially when they have behaviour issues,like Ryan does, to add to the mix .

Just getting him out the front door was a challenge , delaying tactics at full pelt , hyperactive in the car on the 20 minute journey to the local hospital …. he didn’t want to go but he was trying bless him.

Then the hospital appointment itself , hesitated and tried to back away from the department… laying on the waiting room floor to many stares.

A 20 minute delay …..

And then this first appointment… the one that’s going to start the process of our journey towards his third and final operation in his cleft experience – the bone graft

I must say, the orthodontists were great , explaining every step before hand and trying to make him feel as reassured as possible. 

First up was the teeth photographs , taken by widening the mouth with plastic grips.

Next normal photographs 

Lastly, and traumatically for both Ryan and myself – the dental impressions .He struggled, he gagged and then he threw up. I was almost in tears .

But he did it. 

My Ryans a soldier , he s been through so much during his cleft journey and today was just another step towards the ending. I just wish it wasn’t so heartbreaking though 


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