We have exciting news in the Life Less Ordinary household !!! A new family member !!!

No, I havnt given birth (heaven forbid – I ve done my time 😉) instead we have adopted a dog and are giving him a forever home .

Meet Jethro 

Jethro is a 6 yr old male Beagle and literally one of the loveliest dogs I’ve ever met.

 He hasn’t had the best start bless him , abandoned on the streets of Wales , he was found , microchipped but the owner “no longer wanted him” .

He was bought down to Kent by Last Chance Animal Rescue as he was scheduled to be destroyed in the Welsh pound he had been taken to 😢

Jethro thought he had found a forever home as he had been rehomed before coming to us but after being roughly grabbed by the collar he tried to nip and the lady bought him back – 

So luckily for us and him we were able to provide a home , he’s rather poorly at the moment with an ear infection and it turns out he does have a 2nd rate heart murmur but all he really want s is some love and affection.

He’s quite a character and already thinks I’m his mum !!! literally I’ve finally got Ryan to stop following me to the toilet and now Jethro does !!! 

We ve been in stitches at his ability to find all those crisp packets the kids have thrown behind the sofas and he will bark gently “talking” to us to tell us what he wants 😂😂😂 and he found his “comfy spot” …in my bed 

he’s settling in  pretty well but it’s early days … he’s strong on the lead but Ryan is happily walking him to school on a double lead and Jethro is definitely an adventure dog – loving to explore and stop and sniff every two seconds 


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