American horror story – Chapter 8

One word for this episode ? CARNAGE

Pure carnage from start to finish with not one but two of the major players being killed off and an ever higher body count than last week 

Shelby and Dominic are trapped inside the house as the mob surround them. Having witnessed the Butcher dispose of Agnes , Dominic is losing his shit whilst Shelby is losing the will. 

Meanwhile, Lee, Audrey, and Monet are being held captive by the Polk family.

After Agnes’ murder, Dominic and Shelby begin to devise a plan to escape the house. They first decide to flee out of the secret tunnels but are foiled by the ghosts of the Chan family attacking them. Forcing the pair to flee upstairs and try and lock themselves in a bathroom, they find themselves being attacked by The Piggy Man, the skittering Chen creature, and Thomasyn’s mob. 

However once the pair are safely inside, Shelby slits her throat out of guilt for murdering Matt. 

Meanwhile, the three women continue to be tortured by the Polk family, with Lee losing more of her flesh, having been left under the supervision of Jether Polk.

This will be his first kill he tells her despite admitting he doesn’t actually want to kill her. Lee really comes into her own here , desperate for her survival , she manages to build a rapport with him , gain his confidence before seducing him so she can kill him and make her escape. 

Unfortunately not before she confesses to her ex husbands murder – on film.

Having learnt of the Polks family history from Mama herself – their ancestor Kincain Polk was the infamous Piggy Man of Murder House fame and they began their cannabilistic way’s dusing the 1920s Great Depression … killing and eating the theif that stole their last pig…Lee isnt hanging around.

She bursts into the other room where Audrey having one of her teeth ripped out of her mouth. Monet has escaped and fled leaving them behind and is being chased by the last two remaining male Polks.

Eventually, the women manage to escape, Audrey killing Mama Polk in the process , Shelby style with a crowbar.

Back at the house, the two women come across the dead body of Matt. Lee is obviously horrified .  Continuing upstairs the two find Shelby’s body with Dominic in the bathroom. 

Not believing his version of events , the two blame Dominic for the death of Shelby and Matt, with Lee forcing him out into the hall where he is murdered by the Piggy Man. 

Surprisingly they manage to survive the night and are about to make their escape the next morning when Dylan ( the actor who played Ambrose) arrives at the house to the two women’s surprise.


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