And then there was one -Who dies Who Survives ? Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell

Well, I expected it but I didn’t EXPECT that !!! 

Lee Harris turned out to be the sole survivor but she literally sold her soul to do so ….

It wasn’t looking good for Lee , earless, with chunks of her leg and shoulders missing … her insistence on getting that confessional tape back was almost her downfall.

Alone in the woods , slowly dying she was saved by Scathach who fed her a pigs heart reminiscent of how The Butcher was saved.

And then it began , trance like Lee began a killing spree and as the blood moon rose went in search of Audrey and Monet in order to cleanse the land….

Monet and Audrey are back at the house, and they have the confession tape … they now know Lee killed Mason.

Of course when Lee appears they do not realise she is possessed and Monet tells her in no uncertain terms what she thinks leading to her own death at Lee’s hands …


So now that leaves Audrey fleeing for her life , stabbed by Lee she manages an escape only to be caught trying to find safety in the outside cellar – Lee brutally flings her down and locks her in – RIP Audrey … or so we think ….

Still in a possessed state , Lee incites the Butcher s mob to come and sacrifice two young bloggers that have been found on the land ….

The next morning the police arrive and Lee is found …. she no longer seems possessed and seems to have no recollection in her part of the previous nights events … in fact she’s relieved when Audrey is found safe and well too … However upon seeing Lee , Audrey grabs a cops gun and finds herself shot down mistakenly thought guilty of the murders .


A complete roller coaster of an episode and with Lee the sole survivor, we ‘re left with more questions than answers 

• is Lee faking ? does she really not remember ?

• surely now the police will find the footage and she will go to prison for her crimes ?

• just how much was Lee behind it all ? we suspect there was something off with the original Roanoake Nightmare tale … was it all a big cover up ? 

of course I have more questions …. Scathach, The Butcher , The Polks … 

There’s still a piece of this puzzle missing ..  which means I cannot wait until the finale next week in which Lana Winters returns to grill Lee on these events because if anyone can get to the truth it’s Lana 


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