Who dies Who Survives? And then there were three ….

Another shock twist this week saw not one but two of the seven get the chop ! 

And no way was I expecting it to be one of them !

  • First up Shelby bowed out , unable to cope with the reality of killing Matt and believing she wouldn’t survive this time around without him she decided to slit her own throat in a particularly harrowing and shocking scene.

Shelby had been one of the fans favourite to survive and whilst I didn’t particularly care if she did having not warmed to her at all it still shook me that she isn’t one of the last people to go.

  • Next up was Dominic , again not someone I particularly cared for but still  a shock in how he was disposed of. Poor Dominic, this wasn’t what he signed up for ( even though he technically did ) all he wanted was his own spinoff show and a trip to Thailand first class. What he got instead was being pushed into piggy man’s arms by Lee who believed he had killed Matt and Shelby…..

And then there were three …

  • Lee – having managed to escape the torturous Polks and save Audrey , Lee may be missing an ear and pieces of her leg but she is seriously a woman determined to survive….even if she did confess to killing her ex husband on tape …

  • AudreySelf centered and narcissistic she may be , i kinda get the feeling Audrey may be the next for the chop , probably whilst recording one of her goodbye dear world laments. However, she is the only one who knows about the protective properties of the teeth necklace and is selfish enough to put herself first …

  • Monet – Last seen fleeing into the woods chased by two of the Polks … she can handle herself in a fight and doesn’t hang around …

So which of the three ladies will be the sole survivor ?  or will it be another character ? 


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