MCM ComiCon London

Saturday saw myself and Anais out for some girlie time together – just her and me . Nope, not shopping and lunch – Comicon !

it’s something she’s been dying to do after watching numerous youtube videos 

And she wanted to Cosplay too – as James from Team Rocket in Pokemon which meant i had spent a goodles few weeks putting together a costume cheaply (ish).

So Saturday morning, we found ourselves drawing blue eyebrows on the train to complete the “James Look” and I even managed to spot Wally of Where’s Wally fame! 

Another stop bought us Robin, Maleficent and a couple of mini Jedi s !

Luckily I had the foresight to stop and eat at Westfield Cross as we had another two trains to catch before we arrived at London Excel .

I must say we were greeted by the most surrealist site – people drested up from all their favourite comics/ tv shows / animae – surreal but amazing.

After an hours queue to enter , the time spent spotting the different costumes we were finally in!

Being our first time we mainly spent five hours wandering around gawping athe everything – and there was so much to see and do !

There was an indoor funfair complete with sidestalls to win prizes ( We got an emoji cushion and an inflatable batman hammer)

Loads of friendly Cosplay ers to take photos with …. including team rocket 

Cardboard Cutouts to pose with ….

Pikachu s…

The Mad Hatter and friends …

Two ghostly girls ….

and a normal Harley Quinn !

The expo itself featured lots of stalls selling geek goodies and previews of games coming soon …

and display areas where you could dress up and get your photos professionally taken.

With shows and interactive features all included it was difficult to fit it all in and in fact we missed quite a bit but I swear to you I now want to go again and maybe next time I ll dress up ! 

All in all it really was a wonderful day with my wonderful girl 


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