Who dies? Who Survives Week Two 

In a shock twist , fan favourite to survive, Matt Miller , was the next to be killed off.

And surprisingly it wasn’t by any supernatural being – loving wife Sidney completely flipped and smashed his head in with a crowbar after finding him servicing Bag Lady Gaga (Scathach) for the millionth time.

It seems Matt had fallen under her spell and only returned to the house to be with her as he couldn’t get her out of his mind the past two years … obviously Sidney s yoga practice and breathing techniques failed her at this point and there was no namaste from her. All whilst villian of the piece Dominic watched.

But this shock twist opened up a whole new set of questions ….

How the hell did Sidney have the strength to do so as she was carrying a shoulder injury from the Butcher’s knife ?

Why did Scathach flee when Shelby arrived ?

Why didn’t Scathach save Matt ?

As she’s supposed to be “the bitch with the real power ” is she going to revive Matt in yet another twist ?

So many things to ponder and now who knows whos next … ?! 

We have an unstable Shelby in the house with Dominic- Audrey, Lee and Monet are being held captive by the Polks and let’s not forget Lee is slowly being eaten … her leg force fed to the othere two.

Seriously, this season is too much , in a good way . I literally cannot wait until we find out whose next and who the killer will be this time ! 


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