Return to Roanoke :     Who dies ? Who survives? Week One

So by the end of episode six we were one down –  Rory (literally) got the chop courtesy of those sadistic nurses who finally managed to complete their game of ” MURDER ” scrabble.

I ll admit it – i didn’t see it coming , i didn’t even click when Rory entered the house, nor when he was being killed, not even when the R showed up on the wall …

It didn’t process until Matt announced 

“R is for Rory” 

I can be slow … 😉 

But , this has got my mind working on overdrive ! 

Was poor Rory even meant to be in the show initially ? 

By the looks of it , it would be originally the real house residents and the actors who played them … six people.

Six people. Sixth episode. Sixth season. 666

so, what if Rory was just a death that could of been avoided ? Only there due to his marriage to Audrey …. hmmm

Interestingly, Rory was the first to go … like the character he portrayed in the re enactment – Edward Philippe Mott …

In fact,  from what we have seen so far some of the actors have gained aspects of their real life counter parts character flaws … Monet herself is an alcoholic like Lee since the show aired.

 We are yet to learn what Audrey and Dominic have inherited from their respective roles .

But now the field is wide open …… One down six to go 

we know Shelby, Matt and Lee all survived the first time round …. 

We also have been told all three are not to be trusted …..

So who’s next ? Another actor ? One of the real life people who initially survived ? 

There s some brilliant fan theories out there : 

First of all I was convinced Matt would be the survivor, due to Scathach s obsession with him … but something about him
 seems to be seriously off … its like he’s zoned out of everything.
So I’m kinda going off that theory .

All I know is I seriously cannot wait until next week to see who gets it x


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