James Patrick March

I’m dead dear, not stupid.Mr. March


James Patrick March was a serial killer who built the Hotel Cortez in 1925 and owned the hotel until his suicide in the 1930s. He designed it to hide and hunt his victims. 

Well, I had it all once. Fortune, fame. But nothing satisfied.

Mr. March

James Patrick March was born on October 30th, 1895. 

 A man of “new money”, which he accumulated at a young age – he is sadistic yet charming.An attractive young man in his early thirties, with an average body size, he is very careful of his outward appearance. He always wears pinstripe suits in 30s style. His black hair is combed back, he has a mustache like that of Vincent Price, and striking dark brown eyes.

He speaks with a strong  Brahmin accent which he admits that he started by mimicking one of his marvelous teacher at Exeter, and he ended up getting used to speaking that way.

His personality was strongly influenced by his father, a fervently religious man, who sparked in him a profound aversion to the Christian values. 

He described his father as being a true believer, and the “meanest son of a bitch he’d ever seen”.

Due to his upbringing March despises religion, explaining to one of his victims that it was the worst thing in the world right before he killed him, and that he was going to have to kill God, because as long as there was a God, men like himself would never find peace. He also went as far as to collect all the bibles from his hotel bed stands, and arranged them with a pile of his victims that he had left for the police.

He murders, in part, so as to wage a personal battle against God.

Bolivian marching powder. Too tame for my taste.

Mr. March

March confessed he had tried many drugs in his time. However, this couldn’t satisfy him; it lead to his serial murder addiction and he started to kill in the 1920s.

That sounds obscene.Mr. March

Mr. March has a distinctly sadistic personality yet he is very charming, and he seems to get pleasure in releasing a deadly rage onto his victims as well as having sexual intercourse during the killings, which occur in ways quite theatrical.  

 In 1925 he built the hotel Cortez which opened in August 1926 and created special, hidden hallways and rooms to make killing more fun and so he could keep his victims’ bodies for further acts of depravity as well as concealing their bodies from the police. 

Pull the trigger and take her last breath. It’s exhilarating.Mr. March

He killed his victims by decapitating them by playing bloody cricket, and walling them up alive, among other gruesome methods. He would then have sex with their dead bodies. He would throw them into a big hall in the basement that was accessible by multiple chutes. 



Deeply obsessed with  his wife Elizabeth, yet despite her loving to hear his victims screaming for help and encouraging his dark desires, she couldn’t love him as he wanted. 


To release his frustration his murdering spree continued and began the “Ten Commandment Murders”

On February 25th in the early 1930s March killed his maid after she told him that it would be an honor for her to be his last victim and then himself before he could be apprehended by the police for his crimes, and his spirit still rremains trapped alongside his victims in the Hotel Cortez

Might I suggest that when you murder him, you would do so off the property? It’d be damned awkward to keep running into him for all eternity.Mr. March

He became one of the most famous serial killers of all time.

Best Quote

  • I’m not familiar with your military friend and his fondness for poultry, but my killing days are over


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