Edward Phillip Mott

All that I was is no more. Everything precious turned to dust. I have but one last sliver of grace. My solitude, such as it is.

Edward Mott

Edward Philippe Mott was originally married and had an heir, but he left them and moved to North Carolina. There, he became the original owner of the house in Roanoke, having constructed it with the help of some Shakers. He had the estate built so he could store various pieces of art he had bought in auction. Edward loved his art more than anything, even Guinness, his slave and lover.

Mott had only lived there for a couple of days before he awoke to find all his art destroyed by The Butcher. He blamed his slaves on the incident and locked them in the root cellar. While he was sleeping that night, he was terrorized and captured by the Lost Colony. They took him outside and the colony impaled him through the chest, then threw his body in the fire burning him alive. His lover Guinness fled, and told the police about the sacrifice, but since they couldn’t find any evidence of the murder, they in turn arrested Guinness for murdering Edward and hiding the body.

Personality and Appearance

Edward Philippe Mott is a wealthy heir suffering from what today is known as severe social anxiety. 

Arrogant and devoid of mannerisms, Mott shares, not only the virtues but, above all, the faults of the aristocratic class. 

Homosexual, he is not afraid to kiss his lover before the servants.

His appearance is quirky and opulent, wearing a garish white wig and powdering his face in accordance with aristocratic fashion of the time.

His Role 

  • The living cling to life above all, but the trophy misprized is to die in peace.Edward Mott

  • With the desire to be left alone, Edward helps MattShelby and Flora escape from The Butcher and her acolytes, leading them through secret underground tunnels that lead into the heart of the woods from the basement of the house. Since he can not leave the boundaries of the territory, Edward disappears into thin air leaving the Millers to themselves in the woods at night. He later frees the Millers from their bounds, encouraging them to make their grand escape.

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