Roanoake House

Roanoke House
A late 18th Century Shaker style property located in North Carolina is the main location for My Roanoake Nightmare.

After its original owners , Edward Phillip Mott’s  mysterious disappearance from the house, the property soon became a place of mysterious and gruesome events.


The old farm house located in North Carolina was completed in 1792 by Edward Philippe Mott who bought a 10 acre plot of land from the state, along the Roanoke River’s edge. It is located at 900 Sappony Rd. 

A police report and newspaper article collected by author Elias Cunningham shows the house to be located in Martin County, North Carolina, near Williamston. 

After Edward Mott’s disappearance, the house remained in the Mott Family Trust yet unoccupied for well over a century until the last Mott, Dandy, died in South Florida in 1952.

On October 3, 1952, three hunters stayed at the Roanoke House before something caused them to turn their rifles on each other.

On October 19, 1973, the Chen family moved from Taiwan to America. After gaining citizenship, the family moved into the Roanoke House. One night, during a Blood Moon, the entire family was slaughtered by the spirits of the land. A sheriff’s deputy conducted a wellness check and found no bodies and believed the family abandoned the property as their vehicle and all their belongings still remained.

On October 29, 1988, Miranda and Bridget Jane bought the house, where they opened an assisted living facility. The house they purchased had previously been unoccupied for 15 years. The family before had lived in the house only for a brief time before they suddenly vacated. During the year when the sister inhabited the house, they led bloody murder at the expense of patients left behind by careless relatives. On October 29, 1989, police were called to investigate the facility. Miranda and Bridget were gone, leaving behind a trail of dead bodies and a mysterious red writing on the wall – “Murde” – which continues to appear despite the successive tenants and sellers having tried to remove it.

For six months, from August 1997 to January 1998, Dr Elias Cunningham lived in the Roanoke House but had owned it up until the Millers bought the house at auction.

After Elias missed a property tax payment, the property was to be sold at auction. The bid started at $21,000, but was purchased for $40,000 by Shelby and Matt Miller. 


The farm house has three bedrooms, two stories and a basement. It also includes ten acres of forest around the house, but as protected area, it is non-building land.

Outside & Garden

The exterior of the farm consists of ten acres of woodland. Surrounding the house, there is a dry garden with several pieces of scrap iron, an evident result of years of neglect. There is a detached deck with a hot tub in the backyard.


The entrance is a large hall with a round staircase in front of the main door. The main entrance is preceded by a portico. Following a home invasion, the entrance was covered with vines and anthropomorphic totems made of sticks hanging from the railing of the stairs and the ceiling.[4]


The Parlor/Dining Room

A large room with windows overlooking the front garden and a long table. The previously moldy walls were repainted by Shelby in the weeks following the move-in.

The Basement

The basement is a large room with several shelves, 

The Upstairs

Master Bedroom

Wide and empty and dark, the master bedroom has a king size four-poster bed and a large window on one of the walls.



A rustic kitchen with a large working table and an old-fashioned stovetop.

Living Room/Library

A sitting area composed of vintage furniture and a library chock full of old books crammed on the shelves.


  • Shelby Miller 2014
  • Matt Miller 2014 
  • Lee Miller 2014
  • Elias Cunningham (formerly) 1997 – 2014
  • Miranda Jane (formerly) 1988 – 1989
  • Bridget Jane (formerly) 1988 – 1989
  • Chen Family (formerly) 1973
  • Unoccupied – held in the Mott Family Trust 
  • Edward Philippe Mott (formerly) 1792

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