AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare Chapter Three 

Lee, Shelby, and Matt search with police and volunteers for Flora. 

Shelby fears going into the woods alone after everything that she has experienced and as the day wears on and turns into night, Lee uncovers a dismembered body.

 It is revealed that the body is actually a combination of the body parts of Flora’s doll and the body parts of a pig.

 As the investigation continues, a similar combination is found in the yard of a nearby farmhouse. The farmhouse is in a state of disrepair and has rotting animal parts throughout it.

 After hearing a noise in the barn, the three adults find two dirt-encrusted young boys nursing from the teats of a dead pig mimicking the adults cry’s for the missing child.

After bringing the police back to the farmhouse, the two boys are taken hospital, where they are revealed to be part of the Polk family. 

There is no sign of Flora or the rest of the family anywhere on the property and it surmised that the family fled with Flora before they could be discovered. 

Just then, Mason arrives and tries to interrogate the boys for information before being stopped by the police officers. 

The boys only know one word, Croatoan, and in an interview, Matt and Shelby reveal that the word came to be a warning for the pair of them. 

72 hours after Flora’s disappearance, Lee begins to acknowledge the very real possibility that Flora is gone for good and the search is put on hold so that everyone can get some rest. Back at the house, Mason angrily accuses Lee of Flora’s disappearance, raising the question that Lee may be hiding Flora somewhere in attempt to prevent him from changing the custody agreement. Lee and Mason begin to fight which leads to him shoving her to the ground and storming out of the house. Deciding that the best course of action is to sleep, the three adults go to bed. 

Several hours later, Matt is awakened by the police calling him to tell them that they have found a dead body. The three adults rush to the scene where they find a charred body hanging from a raised wooden hoop. The forensics unit removed a ring for the body, which Lee is able to identify as belonging to Mason.

Back at the house, Matt and Shelby examine the tapes of the security camera’s for clues as to who could have killed Mason. They evidence that they uncover leads back to Lee, leading to an angry confrontation between the three of them.

 Just then, a man named Cricket Marlow walks through the door. He claims that he was called to this house by a spirit from New Orleans and that he regularly works with the FBI to find missing children.

 As he walks through the house, he identifies the nook that Flora and Priscilla played in and reveals that Priscilla is a ghost from the 1500s. He further claims that Flora was abducted by the dead, and although the family is skeptical of his abilities, they agree to allow him to perform a seance to contact Priscilla. During the seance, The Butcher (Kathy Bates) emerges and threatens violence against anyone who trespasses against the colony that she is sworn to protect. Just as she is about to enact her violent retribution on the family, Cricket called out the word Croatoan to banish the spirit, and the windows of the house shatter in on themselves. 

Downstairs, Cricket confesses that he can find Flora but that he will require 25,000 dollars for his services. This angers Matt who throws Cricket out of the house. On the way out, Cricket whispers something to Lee about her dead daughter Emily.

 In the interview, Lee is shaken after the interviewer  asks about the death of her first daughter, Emily. 

The next day, Lee pays Cricket his fee and he begins to tell her what he gathered from his walk in the woods.

The Butcher is Tomasyn White, wife of John White, the governor of Roanoke Colony. She was left in charge of the colony after White returned to England for supplies. Later, 116 settlers disappeared without so much as a trace. Lee is skeptical of the Roanoke connection but Cricket continues his story, stating that Lee only knows half of what happened. Under duress from the lack of food, the colony along with Tomasyn’s own son Ambrose betrayed her and left her for dead in the woods while they moved inland to look for more food. 

While in the woods, she is saved by a horned woman and returns to colony to seek her vengeance.

Upon becoming the leader of the colony, Tomasyn moves the colony inland to the land that Matt and Shelby’s house stands on. 

That night, Cricket leads the Millers back into the woods where they encounter Tomasyn and her gang. Cricket attempts to barter with Tomasyn saying that in exchange for Flora, the Millers will burn their house down and leave the land for good. 

Shelby balks at the idea and looks to Matt for confirmation of this, as Lee states that Matt agreed to this plan prior to them coming out here, but he is nowhere to be found. When Shelby does find Matt, he is having sex with the horned woman, while being watched by the Polks. Matt has no memory of this and when he returns back to the house, he and Shelby argue. When Lee returns to the house, she is arrested by the police.


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