September : Letterbox Lovlies 

It’s been a looooong Summer and it feels like my money has been spent on various days outs and just general random crap you tend to buy when the kids are off ! 
So September s arrived and I’m all for treating myself and with a nice little back amount of money paid into my account … the postman has become my new BFF and I hate Sundays because there is no post

Week One 

Treat Box UK September theme #Treatyourself

September 1st

“Here you go love. OK love ….” 

“oh great I’ve been waiting for you !”

My relationship with the postman is evolving quite rapidly. 

“love ” lee mutters “he can have you!”

TreatBoxUK always starts the month off on a great note !!! 
This month’s theme after a long summer holiday was Treat yourself so it was filled with goodies to do just that .I can tell you it was much appreciated and when the kids are back at school I plan to do just that !!! With some fantastic new additions this box honestly just gets better and better and again I am renewing this month because it has become a subscription addiction , I literally hang around the letterbox on the 1st of each month just to see what the months box contains and it’s so nice to have something to look forward to !!

September 2nd

LOTR Themed Goodies

Today’s package was delivered by said postman in his van whilst I was sat at a bus stop five minutes away from my house- seriously . He stopped and reverse parked and everything. He definitely is my BFF. 

And so … it was the fantastic Fandom of the Month Club ! I’ve been a subscriber for three months now and each month is a mystery fandom.

This month was Lord of the Rings inspired and although I’m not the greatest LOTR fan I’m certainly a Fandom of the Month Club  one.
September 3rd

Am going to enjoy doing this one !

Nothing from my postie 😦 but this was delivered by the man from amazon ! Happy as it said delivery Monday !!! However, I did answer the door with my dressing gown on inside out which on reflection was not a good look …..

September 4th

Am seriously missing my postman friend – I wonder if he misses me ?!? lol 

September 5th

Am as miserable as the weather. No post all day and I’ve ordered enough stuff to get at least one delivery.

Knock on the door at 8.30pm and three doors down are standing there with FIVE packages. Stupid postman didn’t leave a card to let me know. We are no longer friends.

And so the packages ….

Three from Wily Fox Vintage

An amazing Alice in Wonderland mystery box , A Darth Vader mug for Anais and a small Disney mystery box.

A black Pe bag I’d ordered ages ago and should of been here last week !!!! 

This fantastic sorting hat I bought off of  Ebay – extremely cheaply as it came all the way from China . I adore his grumpy little face and just wanted him for my props collection.

 September 6th

September 7th

Week Two

September 8th

I no longer am seeing my new BFF the postie as am out all day but he’s still leaving me presents (albeit ones I’ve bought myself 😉 ) 

Some fake ivy leaves from China which are going to be part of our Arkham Asylum Halloween party – I’m planning on converting my bathroom into Poison Ives cell with those beauties.

September 9th 

Boring old printer ink today .

September 10th 

Another from WilyFoxVintage I seriously  need to stop going on her site as soon I will be bankrupt !! But I couldn’t resist this Beauty and the Beast mystery box seeing as it’s my favourite Disney film

A copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – unfortunately it turned out to be in Chinese ! 

Week Three

Week Four

September 24th

This fabulous Bellatrix Lestrange Pencil Case from Etsy Store Sandsink – these are the clever team who provide the printed pouch bags in the Fandom of the Month Club.

Another Bellatrix Lestrange goody , this time a phone case  I picked up on eBay .


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