The Myth of the Piggy Man – My Roanoake Nightmare

When the video diary of a crazed and disturbed Dr. Cunningham was discovered , it shed some light on the video footage Shelby and Lee had previously been forced to watch when trapped in the basement.


Cunningham had been tracking Pigman , but despite parallels to the Pigman  of Season One s Murder House  the mythology of that pigman is completely different to what viewers are watching this time.

So, what could be the inspiration behind this ? Are there any American Urban Legends that are similar ? 

Despite an extensive search I could only find one that seemed to fit the bill :

The Pigman of Norfield 

There’s a local legend in Northfield, of a thing known as the Pigman. The story has multiple versions, as most do, but there are some parts that are always the same. Back in 1951, the night before Halloween, this 17-year old kid named Sam Harris went out on his own with a basket of eggs to cause some mischief. Nobody knows exactly what happened to him, just that he never came home and was never found.

Years later, some high school kids were out drinking behind the school one night during a dance when this…thing… came walking out of the woods on two human legs. It was naked, covered in white hair, and was wearing a hollowed-out pig’s head like some grotesque mask.


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