American Horror Story : My Roanoke Nightmare Chapter Two

As the mob begins to surround Shelby, she flees further into the woods, hiding behind a tree in an effort to spy on the mob. 

They begins to enact a ritual where a man is burned alive while dressed as a pig in retribution for crimes he committed against the mob. 

After completing the ritual, one of the mob (Lady Gaga) sees Shelby spying on them and rest of the mob gives chase to her. Shelby flees out onto the road, where she is almost hit by Lee’s car. Shelby passes out in the middle of the road and awakes the next day in the hospital to an apologetic Matt who promises that they will find some other place to stay. Shelby tells Matt that the trio of farmers must have created an elaborate hoax to drive them away from the property, and that she and Matt shouldn’t give up their investment that easily.

Lee’s ex-husband Mason (Charles Malik Whitfield) brings Flora (Saniyya Sidney) to visit as part of the couples arranged custody schedule. Flora begins to explore the inside of house and talks to an unseen girl that she names Priscilla, whom Lee believes that Flora made up to get attention. Flora tells Lee that Priscilla offered to make her a bonnet if she and her family would help make all the blood stop. Then, Lee hears the sound of shattering glass and goes to investigate, finding a bonnet amid the broken remains of a vase. Later that night, Shelby is awoken to the sounds of squealing out in the woods. 

Shelby and Matt both head into the woods to investigate, and in the process get separated and lost. When the couple finally reunite, they discover a massive totem that is being burned in effigy. 

The Miller’s extinguish the effigy and call the police, leading them to the charred remains. Shelby lays into the police officer (Colby French) about not caring about their safety and the officer says he will post an officer at the house 24/7. He also puts out an all-points bulletin for the trio of farmers. Satisfied, Matt and Shelby return home and go back to sleep. Later in the night, Matt is awoken by the telephone ringing downstairs. When he goes down to investigate, he finds a meat hook on the floor by the phone and a disembodied voice on the other end of the line.

Then, Matt experiences a disturbing vision of two nurses (Maya Rose Berkos and Kristen Rakes) killing an elderly woman (Irene Roseen) with a shot to the head for refusing to take her poisoned medicine. The nurses laugh manically and spray paint the letter “M” on the bloodied wall, saying that the “M” is for Margaret.

Terrified by his vision, Matt runs out to the cop (Michael McCusker) and demands his help. The cop enters the house to find that there is nothing there. Lee worries that her brother and sister-in-law are getting a reputation for crying wolf, which will lead to the cops being less responsive. The next day, Mason arrives to pick up Flora, and finds her playing a game of hide and seek with Priscilla. Mason finds out that Flora offered her doll to Priscilla in exchange for not murdering her family but that since the trade was blown, she will merely be killed last. Hearing this, Mason takes Flora away from the house and promises Lee that she will never see her again. This leads to Lee ending her sobriety. Shelby and Matt find her in the kitchen slumped on the ground with all the kitchen knives stuck in the ceiling. Matt puts Lee to bed and, hearing Shelby calling for him, heads back down to the kitchen.

 Shelby sees an apparition of a women out of the kitchen window and Matt confirms that he also sees the same thing. The couple follow the apparition outside to discover a storm cellar in the backyard, which they open and begin to investigate. 

Meanwhile in the house, Lee experiences being watched by the two nurses, and sees disturbing visions.

Upon the completion of their investigation, Matt and Shelby discover a tape that was recorded by one of the houses previous owners, Dr. Elias Cunningham (Denis O’Hare). 

Dr. Cunningham briefly details the haunted history of the house leading both Shelby and Matt to confirm what he is saying to be true. Much to their annoyance, they also find out that bank will not return the money that they bought the house with, despite not warning them about the houses gruesome past. As the bank agent (Jonathan Pessin) leaves, Lee arrives to the house with Flora. 

Once inside, Shelby draws Flora away from Lee so that she and Matt can talk. Shelby speaks to Mason on the phone and diffuses the tense situation between him and Lee. While Shelby is distracted on the phone, Flora is beckoned outside by a mysterious figure.

 When the adults are not able to find Flora, they frantically search for her all around the house and in the woods, leading to the discovery of Flora’s hoodie at the top of a pine tree that towers at least 100 feet above them and is stained with a bright red substance.

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