American Horror Story : My Roanoake Nightmare Links to Murder House

“In 1590 on the coast of what we now know as North Carolina the entire colony of Roanoke- all 117 men, women and children- died inexplicably. It became known as The Ghost Colony because the spirits remained. They haunted the native tribes living in the surrounding area. Killing indiscriminately. The elder knew he had to act. He cast a banishment curse. First, he collected the personal belongings of all the dead colonists. Then they burned them. The ghosts appeared, summoned by their talismans but before the spirits could cause them any more harm the elder completed the curse that would banish the ghosts forever. – How? – By uttering a single word. The same word found carved on a post at the abandoned colony.
Croatoan! Croatoan.”

Billie Dean Howard to Violet S.1 Ep 11 Birth


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