American Horror Story Six : Theme Revealed

Well, my prediction was totally wrong wasn’t it ?!? 
Ryan Murphy has surprised and shocked fans yet again by totally mixing up the format , going against the pattern and creating something that actually feels more horror story and creepy than the last three seasons.

 Episiode 1. My Roanoke Nightmare

Told like a true life documentary with Lily Rabe and Andre Holland playing interracial couple Shelby and Matt narrating over the re enactment of their nightmare ( Sarah Paulson and Cuba Golding Jnr playing them respectively), it takes a while to get used to this new aspect of story telling for AHS.

 However, despite a slow start by the end the suspense , creepiness and tension will leave you ready for episode 2.
Moving to North Carolina after a savage attack in LA, the couple buy a cheap farmhouse in an isolated forest much to the annoyance of local hillbillies who wanted the property themselves.
Soon things take a sinister turn with strange noises that sound like pigs squealing, showers of human teeth, an attempt at drowning Shelby and a dead pig on  the doorstep. Not to mention the strange people with torches and pitchforks who like to break in and decorated with little wooden Witch twigs like the Blair Witch Project. 

Add to the mix Angela Bassett as Matt s sister, Kathy Bates as a pilgrim ghost and Dennis Quaid as the strange video director who finds a Pig Man in the woods and you’ve got a jaw droppingly great start to the new series.


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