American Horror Story : Season Six 

With American Horror Story season six about to premiere in the USA tomorrow night , us in the UK still have to wait until Friday !!!

Frustrating for us fans there has been no reveal of this season theme, leaving scope for plenty of fan theories , red herrings and fakes.

Teasingly,  only one of the six trailers and posters are the real theme.

So, before the big revelation is before us I’d like to make my own predictions on what this series may contain 

Location: Middle America 

American Horror Story so far follows a pattern in all areas – West Coast (California), East Coast (New York), Middle America (New Orleans), East Coast (Florida), West Coast (California).

I m thinking because the deep south was used for season three , we’re probably looking at  middle middle America or Northern middle America. The poster of the house in the remote cornfields – which I believe to be the real one kinda backs this up as does the pattern.

Time: The 40’s 

I think we ll be getting a period season this time around , again if you base it against the previous pattern

Present, Past, Present, Past, Present

why the 40’s ? 

well if season 2 was the 60’s and season 4 the 50’s then it is logical to follow with the 40’s 

Theme : Orphanage/Sick Children Hospital 

Every season has a building/location as it’s name – Orphanage is just that plus it’s been strongly hinted that children play a vital part in this season. Added to the remote location and children of the corn vibe it gives off , it feels like it s deliberately isolated – like the children have some kind of illness/infection. 

I’m also getting the impression it’s going to be heavily influenced by Wes Craven , the hands coming from the stairs are reminiscent of a film called People under the stairs (I think?) which he directed

 *similar to Flowers in the Attic which he wrote a script for only to be turned down* 

plus one of the trailers/poster/leaks feature a trio of shadows man woman and child and the man gives off a Freddie Kruger vibe badly.

Anyway these are my current thoughts , I’m probably totally wrong but it’s been fun trying to figure it out and I cannot wait until I do find out. Knowing Ryan Murphy it will be shocking, amazing and something I could never have thought of in a million years !


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