Hogwarts : Of Heroism, Hardships and Dangerous Hobbies

Definitely my favourite of the three kindle books that were released last week to add to the Harry Potter canon.

Of Heroes, Hardships and Dangerous Hobbies is shorter than Hogwarts : An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide but feels more fleshy.

Four chapters dedicated to characters who’ve either been heroic, suffered hardships or indeed pursue dangerous hobbies , they each in turn are fascinating, heartbreaking, extremely vague or hilarious.

Featuring Professor Mcgonnegal, Lupin, Madame Trelawney and the first Care of Magical Creatures Professor before Hagrid. It not only comprises of biographies but also added detail on Transfiguration and Werewolves.

I absolutely loved this addition and of course I wanted more- J K Rowling hinted she had written complete biographies for all her characters so here’s hoping for more to follow !. 


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