I know what you did this summer ….

Excuse the horror movie type title but I find by the end of the summer hols , it feels like I’ve survived some sort of zombie apocalypse and I m dragging my wounded carcass towards that school gate 😉

Some mums adore the summer holidays and either they’re lying or I desperately needed a double dosage of whatever they’re on !!! -They re probably the type of mums who use phrases like “spending time with the fam a lam” , “amazeballs” and “wine o’clock”. 

Unfortunately, I’m not that type of mum – I’m working class with middle class aspirations but with a hefty side dish of reality chucked in 😑 yet if I ever utter any of those phrases please feel free to shoot me. You’ll be doing me (and everyone else ) a favour !

I tend to greet the holidays with a mixture of fear/hope and even fill in a monthly planner with things to do each day so we have some sort of routine – 9/10 we don’t do them but it’s nice to have something down – I prepare by having bucket lists coming out of my ears (see my pinterest or even my blog Summer Holiday Bucket list)

But the truth is …. its long and boring and you need to sell a kidney to do anything remotely fun. 

Even the kids get bored …  no matter where you go … what fun things you have planned … what toys they have … by week five everyone’s wandering around the house aimlessly , too hot, too bored, too tired – even the kid from the other council estate who seems to have taken up permanent residence in your house.

Ryan who hates school even admitted he missed it …. heck child I miss it !!! 

Because it may be summer but nothing has really changed … you still get up at stupid o clock and there’s no such word as a lie in (apart from for anais who is the total opposite, wallowing in her pit until lunchtime if I’d let her ) … if I’m lucky you may have grasped the concept by week five but by then years of early mornings means my body clock automatically has me up at 7 am !!!

But still it’s summer which means obligatory fun days out and photo collages to prove we had a good time – if not to the world of Facebook then at least to myself and we do have some good times , we do make memories and it’s lovely to spend time together … but seriously does it have to be so much of it?!? 😂😂😂😂😂


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