The Potion Diaries – Royal Tour

              Ingredients for a great read :

* A multi talented and sometimes fearless teenager named Sam Kemis

* Her boyfriend Zain who’s dad own the biggest synths company in Novartis

* A princess (who happens to be her BFF) in need of a cure

* A missing potions diary

* A Grandfather’s memory loss

* A memory that holds the key to the cure

* An Evil Escapee

* A World Wide Quest 

Mix ingredients together, sprinkle in a dose of social media , fan forums and Conspiracy theories to create :

         The Potion Diaries – A Royal Tour

Written by Amy Alward , Royal Tour, is the sequel to the worldwide bestselling The Potion Diaries.

Having won the Wilde Hunt and saved Princess Evelyn, 16 year old alchemist apprentice Sam finds herself in the midst of another magical adventure.

Now, alongside boyfriend Zain working covertly to concoct a potion that will help contain the Princesses ever increasing magical power and her inability to control it – they are about to embark on a Royal Tour, whilst secretly trying to find a long term solution to the Princesses predicament.

But when Sam’s grandfather is attacked and his memories removed, Sam becomes aware of a much pressing problem. One that is down to her to solve in order to save her grandfather, the Princess and Nova itself.

OK, I’ll admit it , I’m a 33 year old woman and this is geared for young adults but I have no shame in admitting I LOVED this book so much !!!

For a few wonderful hours I was transported into a magical world that cleverly fuses the modern into the magic with neither seeming out of place.

With glorious visual descriptions, twists and turns at every corner, not only was I gripped but I felt inspired. Not only was I able to recreate this world in my head , I wanted to creatively too by designing or making my own potions.

At one point , I even considered if it were possible to become an alchemist myself.

Part of the Zoella Book Club reading list which designed an exclusive cover for The Potion Diaries , I urge any young adult (and their mums) to read this as it’s part of what is already shaping up to be an amazing series .

You can buy The Potion Diaries now from WH SMITHS 


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