Simply Be….autiful beach cover ups

Summer Time ! and my body is nowhere near beach ready if it ever was – especially after two children and a lifelong affection for pizza. But I live in a seaside town, the beach is practically on the door step and as is the life in any seaside resort , days at the beach are a given throughout summer.

But what to wear ? certainly not a bikini and I wouldn’t feel comfy in just a swimsuit… so cover ups are a must.

Luckily my friend loves Simply Be and always looks stylish and fashionable and I heard they did a range of beach cover ups that were fashionable yet affordable.

I decided to give them a try despite my mother’s warnings of my teenage years to never buy catalogue clothes and I’m glad I ignored her advice !

My first choice was the Joanna Hope Maxi dress currently on sale and I ve worn this loads and not just at the beach ! I ve got some pretty great compliments too – always a confidence booster !

The next item was a cute little sun dress perfect not only for splashing in the sea but also for lazing around in the garden on a hot summers day ….

This Kaftan I bought was a God send after a day at the beach without enough protection I ended up badly burnt and this was the only thing I could wear without feeling any pain ! Next time I will be packing it in the beach bag for sure !

I was thrilled with the quality and the price of these items – so much better than certain high street stores I usually buy from !


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