Pop! Goes my Bank account ……..

Yet another subscription addiction to fall through my letterbox is Popinabox – I tried to fight this one I really really did but kept finding myself going back to the site , creating an account and my very own wishlist .

These Pop Funko figures are just so cute and there seems to be a figure for anything and everything. Plus the kids love them.

I started off by buying myself a one off Hypodermic Sally from AHS then a trip to town saw us spending a small fortune on Star Wars ones and then a dancing groot for Ryans birthday. I realised that I’d be better off subscribing with Popinabox.co.uk.

Pops are £8.49 plus p&p which means that’s what subscription costs start from ( my subscription covers two pops a month so the kids don’t fight !!! Just under £17 a month ) and the beauty of it is -is that they keep track of what you like , what you don’t and the pops you already have so you are GUARANTEED no duplicates and the delivery will ALWAYS be something you want – all whilst keeping the element of mystery as you never know what pop you ll get.

Our first package was these Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass Dorbz -The Mad Hatter and Alice ! Of course the kids instantly took ownership of those 😑 Though graciously they let me use them for a rather lovely garden photo shoot for this blog – I’m hoping the next package I can pinch one for me 

– my personal wishlist includes

  Regina, Rumplestiltskin (Ouat), Mr March , The Countess, The Tatler Twins , Elsa Mars (AHS) The Red Queen (Alice), Dean ,Sam, Crawley,Castiel (Supernatural) Buffy, Chandler Bing …. the list is actually endless

Anais wishlist is literally any of the Star Wars , Batman , Disney 

Ryans wishlist is basically any Marvel  character and believe me there are hundreds to choose from and of course Adventure Time .

I challenge anyone to visit this site and not find a figure they don’t fall a little bit in love with and I havnt even mentioned the Harry Potter ones !!! Oh there will be arguments over those in this house i just know 😉

monthly funko pop vinyls

If you are interested in subscribing if you follow my special link it ll mean I ll build up points to get a freebie so I’m going to be cheeky and ask if you do subscribe please do via my link 😉 And as usual if you like this post share with your lovely friends – why not make your own wish list whilst your on the site and let me know your favourites  ? 


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