Mystery Package Company : Volume 3.2

Having cancelled my subscription in a fit of dissapointment and despair , rather unexpectedly part 2 came through the letterbox in June…..
Although it took me at least a week to get the enthusiasm to even look at it I finally did and again found myself intrigued with the mystery and suspense – this time I seemed to be able to find more on first glance though I suppose that is because at least now I have some kind of experience …. 
This time entitled The Child of the Cavern  of course the package contained the usual broadsheet and an array of artifacts to serve as clues and also to I assume be used.

This included :

 ● A plastic wrapped cardboard rectangle printed with flags and entitled “Home Conspiracy Kit”. 

At the bottom is “WARNING” Contains small pointy objects.” Inside can clearly be seen red thread and inside an envelope are t shaped pins.

I literally have no idea

● An aluminum foil hat with instructions.
 This makes me think of paranoia and wrapping tin foil around your head to stop your thoughts being read.

● The fig hand pendant.

● A sticker that says Gormenghast.

● A sticker that says Nightmare Abbey.

● A sticker that says Lamuella.

● A large brown paper bag (empty). However this does have two eye peephole cutouts – an aid for ugly people ? 

●  A lice comb entitled The Nitpicker! 

Ugh lice – bane of my life with primary school kids ……

● A badge that says Patsy.

All I can think of is a scapegoat like Lee Harvey Oswald who claimed he was a Patsy for the shooting of JFK

● glass blue eye.

Like you see in those hippy shops jewellery section – the eye of horus I’m thinking ….

●The Motherland card game.

Never heard of it 

●A mattress tag which has a mysterious symbol on it. The ingredients also list – 3.3% SOYLENT GREEN, 1% cavorite (HG Wells – First Men in the Moon; an antigravity metal), and 9% Vril (an “all-permeating fluid” of limitless power as depicted in the book The Power of the Coming Race. He also penned the famous line “It was a dark and stormy night…”)

Very odd percentage there – 14.3 % 

The Broadsheet

On first glance through the broadsheet, it seems to have the theme of Conspiracy theories , political organisations and mental illness through it … 

This would tie both the Home Conspiracy Kit and the Aluminium foil hat found in the package neatly to this volume.

But what else ? And how does this all tie in with the last volume that confused the hell out of me ? 


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