Wuthering heights Book Box

My friend adores Emily Brontes Wuthering Heights and as I’ve been feeling rather creative and she is always giving me gifts – I thought I’d make her a book box with this theme as a little thank you .

Problem is , it’s not my particular favourite – yes it contains some beautiful quotations but I struggled to root for a pair of characters whom I actually despised they were so unlikeable … to me Heathcliff as a romantic character just spins my head and please don’t get me started on Cathy … so this was a difficult gift to make because I didn’t feel the passion I usually do when creating something.

Also another barrier to this project was the lack of resources I could find as opposed to the other book boxes I am doing hence a few evenings search to produce my very own Wuthering Heights Pinterest board as a go to for inspiration.

The decorations of the book box are one thing but then it’s the contents also – surprisingly for such a beloved book there is not much merchandise out there and if there is its expensive !!! So for this one I had my work cut out , but I was determined to give it my all .

I’m pretty pleased at the results to be honest.

This is how I did it ..

The Book Box Cover

For this I used a purple  decoupage paper to cover the entire front and back of the box – I printed off an illustration I had found online of Cathy and Heathcliff and framed it with an embellishment frame that came from Poundland.

For the title I found the clip art on Polyvore and typed in Wuthering Heights adjusting the font until I was happy with it.

Adding a few precut hearts from the actual book that I bought from on Etsy finished the look. 

Inside the Box

Again I used my resources from my Wuthering Heights Pinterest board to print out specific pictures to glue inside.


The Contents

As I mentioned , it’s quite difficult to find merchandise that isn’t pricy or from America with huge postage rates  if at all but I did have some luck in tracking some bits down and I relied on my imagination too so in the end the box contained

•an organza bag with cut out hearts from the book that I bought from AtticBooksUK attached to these were some cute vintage style paper clips that I bought from Poundland

• a little book I had bought in the craft section in the range and customised with decoupage and contained a Catherine Earnshaw dress up paper doll and the genealogy family tree of the novel.

• A Locket by Locket Library of the Wuthering Heights Book cover which was attached to a library card – it even had my friends name and the date printed onto the card so it looked like she just checked it out .

After all I really enjoyed making this gift, it was challenging but I discovered a lot and it really stretched my imagination.

I just hope my friend likes it !!!

So, if you were to create a book box based on your favourite novel – what would it be ? What would you add ?

 My favourite book is Flowers in the Attic but that will require a huge amount of work as there are no resources whatsoever for this out there so I will have to create my own. At the moment I’m having a lot of fun creating Harry Potter  and Alice in Wonderland ones which I can use to hold all the cool bits I find on the Internet to print off and also my ever expanding fandom jewellery !!!

Look out for the posts when I’ve finished as I’ll be sure to show you and as always if I’ve inspired you please share with me your own – I’d love to see them !!!! 

If you ve enjoyed this post I’d love it if you would share it with your friends !!!



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