Minecraft Creeper Toss

A great game to play and another cheap make has to be Minecraft Creeper Toss.

To make the creeper :-

You will need:

● A box


●Green Paint

●Green crepe paper

How to make :

Step One 

Cut out two creeper eyes and a mouth on the cardboard box.

Step Two

Leaving the eyes and mouth uncovered , cover the rest of the box with green paint and green tissue paper.

Step Three

Cut a hole in the bottom of the box

How to play

Each child takes a turn to throw the ball – they are aiming for either the eyes (50pts) or mouth (100pts).

We did attempt highest score of three tries but in the end it was easier to do first player to score 300 was the winner 

Alternatively , you could use it as a disguise!

In total I think this game cost of all of 99p to make thanks to all the junk we had at home . The kids really loved this game and it could have gone on for hours with them all trying to get a hundred score through the mouth.

If you like this idea – then why not check out my How to make a Ghast Piñata guide 


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