Minecraft Party : Make a Ghast Piñata

I’m not a great fan of piñata s to be honest but the kids love them – however I despair at the prices especially when  they are quite easy to make yourself.

Here I’m going to show you how it’s done with little cost and time.

You will need :

Two brown paper bags

● Sweets

● newspaper

●flour and water to make a paper mache paste

● white paper

● white tissue

● pen

The Idea

Minecraft being this year’s party theme and wanting something other than a creeper I thought a Ghast would be pretty cool – but of course I needed to get a rectangle shape to do so.

Step One 

I took  one of the brown paper bags with handles and filled it with the sweets.

Then I carefully inserted the other paper bag inside upside down to make a rectangle shape.

To make sure the sweets filled the bag I gently tipped this upside down

Step Two

Next I made a paper mache paste with flour and water – not too thin and not too thick – mine came out the consistency of batter mix and worked ok.

Step Three

Using the paste glue a layer of newspaper over the bag keeping the handles free. Leave to dry.

Step Four

After 24 hours , add another layer of paper mache and again leave overnight.

Step Five

Paper mache the last layer with white paper for the Ghast s body – to make the face I cheated and used a printout I found on the Internet.

Step Six 

Now to make the floaty bits that hang down , tear straps of white tissue and attach to the bottom of the piñata.

Finally , the piñata is ready and using string you can loop through the bag handles you previously left exposed to tie up somewhere high.

Instead of a piñata stick we bought a cheap sword and axe  from Poundland and got the children to take turns to attack the Ghast !!!

All in all by using household junk this piñata cost me all of 69p to make !!! That was just for the flour – of course adding the sweets actually cost more so in all I d say the total cost for this project was £3.69 – extremely cheaper and a lot more fun than a premade version.

Plus using this basic method , there’s a variety of choices of minecraft themed piñata to make – zombie , pig , cow , skeleton head ……

If you do make your own id love to hear from you and see your ideas xxxx


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