Subscription Addiction : Another Not so Shabby Very Chic Treat Box 

Sometimes we all need a little treat …. 

Sometimes being often in my case , I decided to after two single purchases of the Treat Box UK , myself in March, my sisters birthday in June plus two gorgeous teacher treat boxes for end of school year I was going to subscribe for three months !!!! 

To start with it was really really nice having something to look forward to , knowing something was coming and just for me ! Plus it had the added bonus that I knew it wouldn’t be something the kids would try and steal …….

I even ended up dreaming about it the night before it came …. I dreamt of a flamingo … and imagine my surprise when I opened the package which smelt gorgeous of pink tissue paper to see this

Bizarre! I continued to unwrap and again was taken aback by the care taken in putting the package together…… I’ve stated this before when blogging about the March Treat Box  received but it really makes all the difference.

Just knowing someone cares enough , I’d actually come home from a hospital appointment and had a pretty crappy week so this box really put a smile on my face ☺

Treat Box UK was also celebrating its first birthday this July but it was us subscribers who were getting the presents – firstly this gorgeous and cute mini flag and a goodie bag !!!

With mini love hearts , bubbles and confetti in a little polka dot bag … my daughter quickly nabbed that …so much for me saying it would be safe from the kids 😉

Of all the lush items I have to say my absolute favourite has to be the zip case which I’m planning on using as a pencil case ….though it would also make an ideal make up or brush bag 

Of course, these weren’t the only goodies inside the box but I don’t want to reveal all the boxes secrets …

Just again I am completely blown away by a fantastic box which offers such good value and so much love and care is put into every time …. I simply cannot wait until August arrives !!!!


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