Patsy Darling You’re an Icon

I’ve always loved Patsy Stone, a glamorous leggy blonde of questionable age and habits , even as an 8 year old I would insist on the role of Patsy when playing Absolutely Fabulous with my friend.

Here I round up the best of Patsy and why I adore her so much !!!!

She Gives the Best Insults

Her chat up lines are “inspired”

She knows her worth 

Her addiction to cigarettes is erm impressive

Her dramatics

She gives great advice 

And she really cares …… or not 

There you have it , Patsy s best bits which truly make her one of the most beloved characters in my opinion to have ever graced the TV screen.

If you are after more Absolutely Fabulous goodies , look no further than Ab Fab Parenting a look at if Eddie s style of parenting works and of course , a little gorgeous something in the form of Absolutely Fabulous Planner Page !


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