Ab Fab Parenting

Last week I read a fantastic blog by Just saying Mum called Parenting the Ab Fab way which was a hilarious look at parenting a la Edina Monsoon and how it might just work for us parents….

The more outrageous we are , the more sensible they become is the theory and we will all end up with children like Saffron!

Sounds fantastic …where do I sign up ?

However, this blog reminded me of my very own Ab Fab Parenting moment a few years back when I fell drunkenly upstairs only to find my daughter peering over the top of her glasses at me in dissaproval just like Saffy ! 

It gave me visions of a future very much like this : 

That was enough to stop my nights out !!!

However, now she’s hitting the tween phase our relationship has become more like 

Which is why I’m thrilled to have found Just Saying Mum s blog – she writes about the trials and tribulations of raising teens (or in my case tween) and puts a humorous spin on what can be an ordeal !!! Plus any one who loves Ab Fab is OK in my book 😉

For more fantastic Ab Fab check out my Free Absolutely Fabulous Planner and Patsy Darling You’re an Icon the reasons why we love Ms Stone.


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