In Memoriam – 49th Anniversary of Frances Sheas death

June 7th saw the 49th anniversary of Frances Shea s death and it was a day for remembrance and love on the Frances Shea group. 

An outpouring of beautiful tributes , memories and fan art by members led by a touching heartfelt poem written  by Frances niece – Frances Shea .


     Gone 49 years today

I love you deeply and always will

I understand your leaving

I remember all the good with us

yet doubt I will stop grieving

You’re a part of my heart and

always have been

People can judge but they’ve never seen

The love we had and the times we spent

Your visit was brief but you were heaven sent

I’m here for you to get you seen

to represent you well

I’ll make them listen gorgeous

My darling, complex girl

                    Frances Shea


God bless my beautiful fran. Hope you and mum are having a drink having a lovely time xxxxx J C

Hayley Hamils beautiful collage of Frances

She understood her worth, which made her powerful, The world needed a Beautiful woman who was strong and brave, so she became one. No super powers needed, Even as she sleep’s today she is remembered in the heart’s of many.I would like pay my respects on this day to the Shea Fam on the day of their Aunties anniversary.MK

Darling Frances left us 49 years ago today under such tragic circumstances. My thoughts are with the Shea family. Rest in peace, Frances. Gone but never forgotten. We love you. HH

Tribute from Gemma Brocks

“To live in hearts we leave behind. Is not to die.” #ThomasCampbell

Sending the very best of wishes to Frances Shea and her loved ones… TBH

✝ R.I.P Frances Elsie Shea ✝

               1943 – 1967

     Gone be never forgotten

                 💞💐🙏🏼 GB

Rest in peace Frances ❤️ I never got to meet her but her story has really touched my heart. Such a terrible loss of a beautiful young woman. My thoughts are with Frances and her family on this difficult day xxxxxx SW

Beautiful tribute by Gemma Brocks

So many beautiful tributes and pictures , I was unable to fit them all in.

But even after all those years , Frances still shines , in the heart’s and memories of all those who loved her and she always will.


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