Stick on Nametags ?!?


How cool are these new sticker name tags from My Name Tags ?!

Gone are the days of sewing on name tag after name tag (which incidentally Lee would have to do – I’m not the undomesticated goddess for nothing) or even iron on labels ( which resulted me in ruining a school shirt one year )
Now there are stickers – which are so simple even I can get it right đŸ˜‰

Part of the new Mr Men and Little Miss range these are a cool, retro and fun way of labelling clothes and items for the return to school in September.

Simply stick on (the labels for clothes not fabric) wait 24 hrs and then hey there you have it – these stickers won’t fall off in the wash.

I love them !!!! Simple , time saving and cool .

* I received these nametags in exchange for an honest review *

As I’ve said , I love the concept of sticker labels they make life much more easier for me and I adore the Mr Men and Little Miss range – not only to they appeal to kids but also will to retro cool teenage girls and adults too.

Not only for clothing , they can be stuck to lunchboxes, pe bags , pencil cases … the possibilities are endless!

I think the theme was a bit young for Foo as he’s nearly 8 , he loved them but wouldn’t want his friends at school seeing them so I’d say these really would appeal to children between 3-5 . Or hipsters like me đŸ˜‰

Washing these were a pleasure , they still held fast after roughly 40 washes so they do the job as they said.

Personally, I’d love to see other themes in the sticker label range because they are so good , I can imagine myself labelling everything even my own clothes !


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