Do Pinterest Cleaning hacks work ?


So I’m sat here stinking of vinegar with the answer being Yes …No ….Er ….Maybe .

Since we ve moved I’ve decided to become all domesticated and actually clean and have a schedule and then all those hours pinning cleaning hacks instead of cleaning in the past would have been worth it.

The results have been varied to say the least … most hacks include one of three things …white vinegar … bicarbonate of soda or hydrogen peroxide (bleach to you and me )

Pinterest makes it look so easy …. but hey I’m involved here and of course , it actually becomes a lot messier than its meant to .

Take Getting Rid of Sweat Stains from Your Pillows for example :

Easy peasy , soak said Pillows in bleach and washing powder with HOT HOT water ( I even boiled my kettle) until the mixture has seeped in then wash in washing machine for stains to magically dissapear!

Well first problem , I have a front loader and I don’t want water pouring out as I attempt this – HEY ! I know I ll do it in the sink then transfer it to machine – well as I attempt this I didn’t realise how much water a pillow could secretly hold and as the kids are kicking off I find water pouring into my shoes I’ve stupidly left lying there – the only pair of shoes I have handy for the day …..

Great …. bung that in the washing machine and sort out the mess this cleaning hack has created.

They go through the wash and still look yellow so I just pour in half a bottle of bleach directly and give it another go .

And finally are they magically clean ?

Well, whilst a lot of the stains are gone or lightened they are still there and my Pillows are now all lumpy and weird.

Maybe another couple of washes with bleach may do the trick but seriously wonder if it’s worth the hassle.

I think I should chuck them and buy to be honest .

However How to remove mould naturally with no harsh chemicals
was quite literally amazing ! I had pinned the directions from Keep Calm Get Organised and yes although my bathroom smelt strongly of vinegar for at least a day , the mould just literally dissapeared and hasn’t returned !
This is one I’m sharing with all and sundry whether they want to know or not – it’s genius.

How to clean your microwave
was another kinda worked hack ..
Vinegar in water for five minutes in the microwave then simply scrub off ! Well , my kitchen again stunk of vinegar (is there a hack to remove the smell of vinegar I wonder ?) . Yes it loosened up some really bad burnt grime which was frankly amazing but the spills and stains that weren’t as bad just didn’t budge !


Clean your sink easily with lemons !
Seriously, this was just basically a mess , maybe I did it wrong … Probably.
A left over pulp of lemon in my sink grooves was not the result I was hoping for 😯 use stainless steel wipes from Poundland.

So there you have it … my experience with pinterest cleaning hacks.
Some work, some don’t …. some kind of. I suppose it’s the luck of the draw.

However , I have learnt that whilst it does stink white vinegar is amazing as well as bicarbonate of soda.
Trying these hacks is actually quite fun whatever the result and today I am attempting to wash my kitchen walls with …. you ve guessed it vinegar and bicarbonate of soda x


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