The Girl on the Train


Drunk. Obsessive.Fantasist. Liar ?

Rachel catches the 8.07 am train every day , she sits in the same seat and she looks at the same house , the same couple. She sits and watches.
She watches and waits …..
Until one day she sees something, something that leads to a sinister turn of events and propels her right into the lives of those she’s watching.

She’s no longer “the girl on the train”.

Beautifully and refreshingly flawed , Rachel is not your normal novel heroine – in fact you doubt she is the heroine of this story at all – but there’s something endearing about her which makes her a loveable, if unreliable, narrator to this complex, psychological thriller.

The story she tells is cleverly interwoven with the past year of the things she hadnt seen from the train window , events that had led up to the day that changed everything , creating a page turning , high speed read to the dramatic climax.

I won’t lie and say I hadn’t guessed the ending but the sheer brilliance of this book is I was still doubtful right until the final reveal. The plot twists and turns so fast , I found myself wildly theorising as to the outcome.

It definitely deserves it global bestseller status and I for one will be front of the queue when the film hits the cinema this October .


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