Is It Just Me: That Actually Kind Of, Sort Of, Agrees with JosiDenise?

You know , I actually thought the JosiDenise blog was hilarious 😂 I liked the fact she exposed herself as doing it “for the money, for the perks ” I wish most bloggers were this honest. I sometime feel my blog is inadequate because it doesn’t have a niche , I don’t review products I wouldn’t want in real life and I often bounce from subject to subject. But reading her rant made me feel relieved – I blog about what I want , it’s not consistent because I’m not a consistent person – it’s reminded me I don’t need to be like that to be successful it s not why I blog anyway.

Plus , she has it spot on with the mommy bloggers – you do make me feel like my life is crap 😉

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Life

I could’ve actually put this post under the #BlogSchool tag as it’s a bit of both that and Is It Just Me to be fair.

Its (another) howling at the moon, bloggers up in arms moment in the old homestead of Blogland, this time an American blogger has managed to rattle the collective chains of many thousands of bloggers across the UK and US.

Her post “Dear Mommy Blogger” has certainly divided opinion, but for the most part the post has gone down like the lack of wine at a blogger event- not well indeed.

She’s not a blogger I was aware of, I don’t think many people were over here, but her click bait and rant fueled letter of anger towards all thing Mum Blog has certainly brought her front and center now.

I first heard about it on facebook but the site had been suspended, probably because it…

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