Now I’m no show type pushy mother I swear , but today I took active Girl to the local theatre The Leas Cliff Hall to audition for the Kidz on Stage annual production which takes place in the summer.

This will be the third production she will appear in with them and I’m amazed at how much confidence it gives her.

Kidz on stage is unique as in it focuses on the fun of theatre with a two week summer workshop followed by five performances to up to 900 people and everyone who auditions and pays the fee is given a place.

So far , she has been part of the kids chorus for Bugsy Malone, Aladdin and now Snow white and the Seven dwarfs.

They aren’t looking for theatre type , completely dolled up , strictly disciplined children like most theatre and dance schools but natural children who can learn performance skills and gain in confidence.

And that is perfect, there’s  no pressure and the focus is on fun – I was amazed this year when she told me she auditioned for a principle role .

Even  though she didn’t get one, it really was an important moment and experience for her . To have gained that much confidence she was willing to put herself out there. I’m so proud and in awe of her.

Its really showing in other areas of her life too , at school she has been asked to cherograph the dance for the year six play due to her experience. Of course , this all adds to her confidence and self worth. Its also given her a dream, a goal to aspire too for when she s older.

So this summer we are gearing up for two weeks of rehearsals followed by five performances and I for one can’t wait to see her up on that stage. My heart feels like it’ll explode I’m so proud.


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