Peaky Blinders 3.1


Warning! Contains spoilers

Finally….. just finally the Shelby family returned to our screens last night after a years wait and the secret of Tommys Bride was revealed.

After much speculation of who would he choose May for her money or Grace, his true love ? It was still well worth a gasp when the brides veil was lifted …


Yep ! You guessed it …. Grace !

It’s 1922 and with Graces former husband having helpfully committed suicide , Grace having given birth to Tommys son ,Charles… the Shelbys are doing more than alright .

With a big mansion , the boys still own the city of Birmingham but trouble is never far …. on his wedding day , an uninvited guest shows up … a Russian.

Cue scenes of grit and violence choreographed with scenes of pure indulgence and richness as the reception party gets into full swing and the Blinders mingle with the calvary ….

Aunt Polly is still as stinging as ever with her comments and sharp tongue, Arthur has found religion as a way to cope with his demons … and a new woman and John is yet again a father .
Ada still a communist who quite enjoys the lavish lifestyle whilst loudly complaining and Micheal still the one trying to make the company respectable.

Yes the Shelbys have gone up in the world but they havnt changed one bit.


A bug thank you to @peakyblinders_tv on Instagram for allowing me to use these promotional stills xxx


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