Iconic English – a guide to British slang, swearing and insults


Imagine how cool it would have been to have learnt swear words in your French and German lessons ? I mean real day to day everyday speech and insults ?

I remember as a kid asking my older sister to teach me some French swear words but I swear (excuse the pun) she made them up.

Which is why I think it’s hilarious that my best friend Glen, who actually goes by the name of Jay and I havnt seen in almost a decade has used his experience of teaching English to students in Thailand to create Iconic English  – a guide to everyday English slang, swearing and insults .

Now , the funny thing is when I first heard he’d become a teacher I had , although immensely proud, snorted and asked :
” what’s he going to teach these kids ? Why posh spice is the real queen of England and how to insult people ?”


The mind boggled …. now whilst I’m 99.9% sure this isn’t part of his curriculum …. his iconic English page is just a glimpse of what he’s obviously taught his Thai friends and even as I type this I have visions of a bald man unsuspectingly being called a slaphead thanks to Glens teachings.


His page is fantastic I must say and I particularly like his explanations for the words which had me crying in laughter even though being English I knew what they meant, plus the added touch of pronounciation.


For us English readers of the page he’s even written it in Thai underneath so although we don’t know how to pronounce it in Thai we could always get a Thai penpal and write them insults should we wish to 😉

This page is really inspired and I ve actually sent the link to my American friends who are always asking me for different phrases and explanations of phrases we use .

So if you fancy a good giggle , give his page a like and tell him posh sent ya over xxxx



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