The Story of Frances Shea


It’s not every day you receive a phone call from Reggie Krays niece, through marriage to his first wife and namesake, Frances Shea.

And it’s not everyday you find yourself discussing revelations for an upcoming book which plans to reveal the truth about this young woman.

But for me it’s actually become a weekly thing as I find myself honoured not only to be a trusted admin on the Frances Shea (Kray) Facebook group but also to be able to consider her niece and page founder – a close friend and confident.

Frances Shea, the younger, has to be the most warmest and genuine person I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter and her love for the members knows no bounds. Speaking to her she makes it clear to me , she considers members of the group her friends. I can certainly believe that as despite having her own problems she had taken the time to call me to check I’m OK as I’ve been a bit quiet !

I adore this lady and I know I’m not the only one she will call and check on if she’s worried – which is why I’m so whole heartedly behind her vision not only for the group set up in the memory of her aunt which is to bring more awareness to mental health but also in the future to help out communities all over the country in her aunts name.

This will be the result of tireless work in which firstly she plans to get the true
” frances Shea story ” out into the public domain.

As Frances herself explains:

This isn’t a gangster book, this is the story of an emotionally vulnerable young woman who happened to marry the most notorious criminal the UK has ever seen and her subsequent death and how that not only affected those who loved her but filtered down through the generations”

Her aunt has recently been the subject of not only Legend but also the book The Tragic Bride – both of which used letters and diaries which were effectively stolen from the Shea family
and should never have been put in the public domain”
Frances book will explain exactly what those diaries entail but also why as she is the only person left living who can tell readers exactly what Frances was like and exactly what she was going through at the time of writing ..the book will dispel myths and rumours surrounding Frances suicide which books such as that by John Pearson has encouraged such as Ronnie killed her and reveal exactly what the suicide notes contained …including the mentions of herself.

In doing so , it is hoped finally her aunts ghost will be able to rest as the truth will set her free.


2 thoughts on “The Story of Frances Shea

  1. Rachandmaff Matthews says:

    lovely words ,our frances ,i call her our frances because im on her site and feel part of her she is an amazeing woman of courage,and has utmost respect from everybody on her page ,the admin and members are fab loyal people and true ,carnt wait for frances to reveal the truth in her book it will soon put the record straight once and for all ,love u frances xx

    Liked by 1 person

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