Peaky Blinders -Must Watch TV


I ll be the first to admit I missed Peaky Blinders when it aired back in 2013 on BBC Two – in fact, I literally discovered this gem back in January on Netflix and decided to give it a try because I’d heard Tom Hardy is in it. I wasn’t halfway through the first episode when I realised I was hooked and for the rest of the week enthused about this series to any one who’d listen who turned out to have watched it anyway !


Based on the real life Birmingham Gang The Peaky Blinders , the series takes us through the lives of the Shelby family as the men have returned from the horrors of WWI and they take their place as the city’s top dogs with their illegal gambling den , importing and exporting business amongst other questionable career options.

However, when a robbery goes wrong and head Tommy Shelby finds himself with weapons that the government wish to get back without a national scandal, events take a rather sinister twist …..


Thomas Shelby

Returned from war a different man , Tommy , the middle Shelby brother , is the head of the Peaky Blinders. Calculating and manipulative , he holds a mystery and charm that cannot fail to entice….



Grace arrives to work as a barmaid in the Shelbys newly acquired pub, The Garrison yet is is working as an agent for the crown , attempting to locate the missing weapons and discover Tommy s dirty dealings. However, when she finds herself falling for him she has a difficult choice to make – follow her head or her heart ?


Arthur Shelby

Oldest brother Arthur has a strong case of the ” Flanders Blues” and finds it difficult to control his demons…


Aunt Polly

Polly held the fort together whilst the boys were at war and is the matriarch of the family. Straight talking, no nonsense Polly makes the boys stay in line to an extent yet has a dark past of her own.


Inspector Campbell

Brought over from Ireland to locate the missing weapons, Campbell also makes it his mission to clear the city of “vermin and filth” as he did in Belfast. Which means Tommy and the Peaky Blinders are firmly in his sight. Truly evil and depraved , Campbell also has an obsessive streak.

A Gritty and compelling drama, the  cast is full of extremely talented actors and with series 3 debuting 3rd May at 9pm on BBC Two , try and catch this series if you havnt beforehand


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