Glam Planning : April Mystery Box


Selection of pink themed goodies from April's box

Another month, another mystery box !

Now,  you know my latest obsession is glam planning and I ll admit I had to wait a while from this one from Stickerella creations on Etsy but that is because it came all the way from America! 

I ll also admit that I paid more than I normally would due to p&p but I don’t regret a single penny!

This month’s theme was jam packed, featuring gorgeous pink themes which added a romantic tone to my planner and I personally adored.

Also some lovely mermaid themed stickers were included, a cute post it note, washi tape and special dates !!!


I spent a fun fuelled evening creating my own weekly plan using these and am very happy with the result. The quality of the stickers are top notch.


Another feature I liked, is stickerella also collaborates with other sticker makers and features their stickers too – this little treat was beautifully packaged in an envelope with the sticker Happiness Inside and a discount code to use in the shop.


If you are USA based I’d definitely recommend checking Stickerella out on Etsy and also her Facebook page – I’d love to buy more from her but  at the moment with finances tight I can just look and dream x


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