Well, I can’t believe we ve been in the new house for over a week now ! It’s bizarre,  however it still feels like living in cardboard box city …. out of the 20 boxes we bought and millions of bags only four have actually been unpacked :/

However, we are slowly getting there ,  slow being the operative word.

I ve been spending way too much time on pinterest looking up cleaning hacks and house cleaning schedules – determined to make a fresh start and become domesticated.  But I’m pretty impressed with myself – I now have a morning and evening routine of tidying/cleaning and discovered that white vinegar really does remove the stink from your washing machine. All those lost hours definitely were worth it.

The Foo had a major meltdown on Monday and his adhd has gone haywire due to the move. He s very clingy too and follow s me everywhere bless him. Slowly,  he is adjusting and I’m proud of how he is adapting to the new surroundings – he had to have the day off he was so distressed and begged active Girl to come in his room til he fell asleep for a few nights but is now going back to school happily and falling asleep in his own room.

Active Girl  on the other hand is loving it , she loves having her own room and is so much happier. I can hear her singing/wailing from across the hall most nights.


The keys went back to the housing company too this week for the old house which was bitter sweet …. we d been there almost seven years,  it saw both kids first days at school , active girls starting rainbows, brownies and recently guides …..

However,  I was convinced it was haunted/possessed by an evil spirit and am so surprised at how different I feel now we re no longer there…like a weight of oppression has been lifted from  me . I willingly come back to this new house during the day to clean and tidy which I rarely did there and even Lee though still charmless is less aggressive here than he had become there.


Anyway back to Monday – after dropping the keys off I did take a quick look around the garden centre and fell in love with a sundial and lavender display.

Tuesday and the Foo went back to school and I began to become domesticated. Wednesday,  he’s dressed up as superman in the garden.


By the end of the week I have become a lot happier as has the rest of the family, this move has been fantastic for us and of course, no week is complete without a lovely picture update from my sister of my beautiful niece ! Living so far away it’s difficult as we never see her so it’s fantastic to get updates in my inbox that always make me smile.


So, another week and more plans for next week all filled in with my latest glam planning. …I ll be trying to add more chores next week and try another pinterest cleaning hack – yellow pillow stains – as well as try out Family Dinner Friday where we will all eat the same meal and all together !

Wish me luck !



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